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headshot of Sebastien C.P. Lacombe

Sebastien C.P. Lacombe

Research Assistant Professor/Director of Undergraduate Studies



Lacombe is an archaeologist with interests in the Paleolithic of the Old World, the archaeology of decorated caves, the prehistory of North America, archaeopetrography and cultural resource management. His research focuses on lithic technology and rock material sourcing, particularly the socio-economic organization of prehistoric groups in relation to natural resources and landscape, and underlying symbolic aspects. He carried out most of his fieldwork in Southwestern Europe (especially in France), but also in Central America and Central Asia (where he directed the excavation of the Early Upper Paleolithic site of Dörölj II). He is currently co-directing the excavation of a late Pleistocene (Magdalenian) open-air settlement in the French Pyrenees.


  • PhD, Université de Toulouse-Le Mirail

Research Interests

  • Archaeopetrography
  • lithic analysis and sourcing
  • landscape archaeology
  • experimental archaeology
  • CRM
  • Prehistoric Europe