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  • Beginning at 3 p.m. today, Saturday, March 6, the following activities will be permitted:

    • In-person dining will be allowed at a 25% density.
    • Recreation activities will return to the levels prior to Feb. 22. This includes the ice rink.
    • In-person non-academic activities without significant movement will return to the levels prior to Feb. 22.

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  • With the closing of CIW Dining Hall necessitated to prepare food for quarantined and isolated students, C4 Dining Center will now open for breakfast at 7 a.m. Monday through Friday.

    For a full list of available dining operations, visit the Binghamton University Dining Services website at the link below.

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    Contact Katie Ellis or visit https://binghamton-preview.sodexomyway.com/dining-near-me/hours

  • Provost Donald Nieman reminds the campus that it is imperative that students who are required to be in quarantine or isolation remain in their rooms. They should take their classes remotely to avoid contact with others, and they should under no circumstances take in-person exams or engage in any in-person class assignments or projects. Faculty members should provide accommodations for these students so that they can avoid any contact with others.

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    Contact Katie Ellis

  • Due to a systems issue, library emails are being routed to spam folders in Bmail. Check your spam folder for due date reminders, hold shelf notices and other communications until the issue is resolved. You may also log into your online library account for information on your library loans and requests.

    For more information, click on the link below or send an email to Libraries' Reader Services.

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    Contact Libraries' Reader Services or visit https://libnews.binghamton.edu/news/2021/03/03/emails-from-the-libraries-routing-to-your-spam-folder/

  • Binghamton University students are speaking out, and you can too.

    Make your voice heard! The SUNY Campus Climate Survey launches today, Feb. 15. This is a survey to help prevent and respond to sexual and interpersonal violence on campus. Students will have the chance to share their thoughts about the campus climate around safety. The survey will be open until March 22.

    Students who complete the survey will have the opportunity to receive a $100 gift card. Check for an email from Survey@suny.edu for the link to the survey.

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    Contact Andrew Baker

  • Cloth face coverings are available for students, faculty and staff in the University Union North Atrium Lobby outside the MarketPlace. Staff will be available for mask distribution from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Friday, limit one per person. If you have any questions, contact Peter Nardone, general manager of the Union.

    For additional information on how to properly wear two face masks, see the link below.

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    Contact Peter Nardone or visit https://bit.ly/3p9twTy

  • We have just learned that this week our campus community experienced several racist incidents. These offensive incidents do not represent who we are as a campus community. In fact, they are antithetical to our core values.

    We do not tolerate acts of discrimination, hatred or bigotry, whether they are spoken or written as acts of vandalism. We, members of the administration and members of the community at large strongly condemn racist and offensive acts of any kind. Personally, and as a campus community, we reject these acts, we will call them out as long as they persist and we will continue to support the victims of racist acts.

    We are a diverse and inclusive community made of people from a myriad of backgrounds who come together to learn, discover and serve; we will continue to celebrate and recognize the beauty of our rich diversity. These deplorable and disgusting actions go against our campus values and only serve to divide and show the ugliness of some, rather than unite our community.

    We encourage any individual who requires support to deal with these incidents to contact any of these offices for assistance:
    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at 607-777-4775 or odei@binghamton.edu
    • Multicultural Resource Center at 607-777-4472 or mrc.binghamton.edu
    • CARE Team at 607-777-2804
    • Dean of Students at 607-777-2804 or dos@binghamton.edu
    • University Ombudsman at 607-777-2388
    • University Counseling Center at 607-777-2772

    Moreover, if you believe you have experienced discrimination or harassment, you are encouraged to file a complaint at the link below.

    Racist incidents will not be tolerated at Binghamton University, and we will continue to look for ways to ensure our campus is continuing to be welcoming and inclusive.

    Harvey Stenger

    Karen Jones
    Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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    Contact Do not reply or visit https://www.binghamton.edu/diversity-equity-inclusion/policies-and-procedures/discrimination-procedures.html

  • Athletics and Recreation

  • The Binghamton Athletic Media Relations office is looking for volunteers to photograph athletic events during the spring semester. We do adhere to all social distancing protocols on campus for these events. Having your own camera is a plus. Previous sports photography experience not necessary. All of our athletic events this spring will be held on weekends. Contact David O'Brian, associate sports information director, if interested.

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    Contact David O'Brian

  • Career Development

  • You have been offered a new job! But is it the right fit? Don’t settle for a paycheck. Learn how to evaluate and effectively negotiate a job offer at this session from noon-1 p.m. Friday, March 12, so you can be confident when making your next moves.

    Register at the link below.

    More Info

    Contact Colleen S McAvoy or visit https://binghamton.joinhandshake.com/events/686805

  • Virtual - Join us between the hours of 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. Friday, March 19, for our first virtual JCPenney Suit-Up. Register through hireBING in order to receive a unique code to receive amazing discounts on professional attire!

    Sign in at the link below.

    More Info

    Contact Colleen S McAvoy or visit https://app.joinhandshake.com/events/639381

  • The New Student of Color (NSOC) Network Program, created for first-year and transfer students who identify as underrepresented minorities seeking to connect with faculty and staff of color, will hold an informal "meet and greet" from 4-6 p.m. Monday, March 29, via Zoom, to help students understand the importance and role of mentorship for guiding success.

    Join the Zoom meeting at the link below.

    The event is sponsored by the Multicultural Resource Center and Student Affairs Divisional Diversity Committee.

    More Info

    Contact Ada Robinson-Perez or visit http://bit.ly/NSOC-Spr21

  • Watson Continuing Professional Education has many online courses to offer during spring 2021. These self-paced, online courses are open to students, faculty, staff and industry professionals. Successful course participants will be able to show off their newly earned micro-credentials and skills in the form of digital badges. Keeping your skill set updated can improve your adeptness in a competitive marketplace.

    For more information and to register for any of our online courses visit the link below.
    For questions, contact Astrid Stromhaug.

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    Contact Astrid or visit https://bit.ly/376kcKb

  • General

  • The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is now accepting applications for the fall 2021 semester. The ELP is a fall-semester experience, available to first-year and transfer students who are interested in learning about and practicing leadership, becoming connected to the University and developing important skills for success at Binghamton and beyond.

    The ELP provides an opportunity for students to put leadership into action, as it focuses on learning about and practicing distinct characteristics of leadership through a theme-based knowledge community and service-learning project. See the ELP website at https://www.binghamton.edu/programs/emerging-leaders/ for more information about the program and the position.

    We are looking for students to be mentors in the program and help guide these new students as they adjust to Binghamton University and complete the program throughout the semester. Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. Thursday, March 11.

    More Info

    Contact Marisa Bevilacqua or visit http://cglink.me/2eQ/s43457

  • Our skilled, friendly Writing Center peer tutors are available to meet online with any Binghamton University student who'd like some free, qualified writing help. From brainstorming ideas to polishing up that final draft, a Writing Center tutor will work with you at any stage of writing. Note that while we'll help you to become a better editor of your own work, we're not a proofreading/editing service. Visit the link below to make an appointment at a time that suits you, or sign up for the waiting list. We'll be adding more appointments over the coming weeks, so check back!

    More Info

    Contact Wendy St or visit https://binghamton.mywconline.com/

  • 2021 senior portraits will be taken now through Feb. 23. Sign up online at the link below. Enter school code 87125. Photos taken in the University Union Undergrounds, UU-B032. COVid-19 precautions in place.

    More Info

    Contact Denise or visit http://www.ouryear.com/

  • Students are encouraged to nominate themselves or others for the Binghamton University Student Awards hosted by the Division of Student Affairs. Twelve awards honor and recognize the outstanding achievements and accomplishments of our undergraduate and graduate students who shine in and out of the classroom, who lead by example and who have made significant contributions to the University community. Students are also encouraged to nominate a faculty, staff or administrator for the Bearcat Award for Outstanding Service and Support. Nominations are due Thursday, March 25.

    Information and qualifications about each award is accompanied by a nomination form at the link below. Multiple nominations can be submitted. A separate award nomination form must be submitted for each individual or organization.

    More Info

    Contact Linda Salomons or visit http://bit.ly/BingAwards2021

  • Health and Wellness

  • The Eating Awareness Committee invites you to view a documentary film about overcoming diet culture and improving positive body image from 6:30-8 p.m. Monday, March 8, via Zoom. The session includes time for questions and answers with the filmmakers, Lauren McAulay and Jenna Free, following the film.

    Register on B-Engaged at the link below.

    Sponsored by the Eating Awareness Committee, Health Promotion and Prevention, University Counseling Center, Health and Wellness and Binghamton University Dining Services.

    More Info

    Contact Samantha Symes or visit http://cglink.me/2eQ/r1029294

  • You are invited to join a focus group at 5 p.m. Thursday, March 11 to share your thoughts and ideas on what nutrition and healthy eating mean to you. We hope to discuss ideas on how campus can support healthy eating through programs, education, resources, and food access.

    This session will be facilitated by the B-Healthy Nutrition Subcommittee, which upholds the Healthy Campus Initiative’s mission by supporting healthy eating habits and fostering healthy living.

    Sign up using the Google form linked below to reserve your space today.

    More Info

    Contact Alexa Schmidt or visit https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf9rYfkzwUqWWf1LVzf_8mY0GqLxhVNfvCA6zJPDNiCEB_ELA/viewform?usp=sf_link

  • The REACH Peer Education Program offers lots of education, resources and services to support your health and well-being! 

    Follow us on Instagram @reachbinghamton and check out the Linktree in our bio to order safer sex supplies and menstrual care products for free, read our student written blog and find our events on B-Engaged!! We will also be launching our very own TikTok soon! Follow us @reachpeers!

    We will be recruiting for the 2021-2022 REACH Team soon, so keep an eye for our application on hireBing or email us and we will send you an application directly once it becomes available!

    More Info

    Contact REACH Peer Educators or visit https://www.instagram.com/reachbinghamton/

  • Are you passionate about mental health? Would you like to play an active role in reducing the stigma around mental health on Binghamton's campus? The Mental Health Outreach Peer Educator (MHOPE) internship is accepting undergraduate applicants for the 2021-2022 school year!

    Search MHOPE on HireBing/Handshake at the link below and complete the external application by March 24 in order to be considered. Email outreach@binghamton.edu for additional information or if you have any questions!

    More Info

    Contact Samantha Symes or visit https://binghamton.joinhandshake.com/login

  • Research

  • Binghamton University will celebrate research with a series of events from April 26-30. Faculty members, academic departments and programs and student groups are invited to plan events related to research. Because of COVID restrictions, we expect that most programs will be held online. Student poster sessions will be held virtually Friday, April 30. For details and to submit an event to the calendar, visit the link below.

    More Info

    Contact Rachel Coker or visit https://research.binghamton.edu/events/researchdays/

  • Want a 10-week research experience with a School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (SOPPS) or Harpur College faculty member – and get paid for it? Summer research internships are available for research in pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacy practice and translational biomedical research at Binghamton University.

    Research projects should have a SOPPS or Harpur faculty member as a mentor. Interdisciplinary projects that are collaborative with additional faculty members in SOPPS and other Binghamton University schools are encouraged, but not necessary.

    Selected students will each receive $5,000 stipends to complete the summer research experience.

    Application deadline is Monday, March 15. Apply online. For questions, contact Eric Hoffman, SOPPS associate dean and professor of pharmaceutical sciences.

    More Info

    Contact Eric Hoffman or visit https://www.binghamton.edu/pharmacy-and-pharmaceutical-sciences/research/summer-internship/

  • The purpose of this research is to acquire a greater understanding of implicit racism and how it manifests in a real-world scenario in relation to a public figure. This short study consists of a survey followed by an Implicit Association Test (IAT), all of which take place online and at your own pace.

    Participation in this study is voluntary, and all participants must be Binghamton University undergraduate students above the age of 18. To participate in the study, you must use your Binghamton University email to fill in the Google Form attached in the link below, which will take you to the Informed Consent that provides further details, your rights as a participant and participation options.

    For any questions or concerns, contact the primary researcher, Robert Spell.

    More Info

    Contact Robert Spell or visit https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdafSIHJKV3CwYTQc6fYQkBgoOiedUTkV6Cd_4kJ00vvwCOQg/viewform?usp=sf_link

  • The Office of Research Advancement invites entries from Binghamton students, postdocs, faculty and staff members for its annual Art of Science contest. Work will be judged in two categories:
    • The World Around Us, images in which the subject is visible to the naked eye; and
    • Visualizing the Unseen, images captured with the use of optics that extend beyond what the eye can see, such as microscopes and telescopes, or models of scientific phenomena or processes or interpretations of scientific information.

    The top prize will be a new iPad. Deadline to enter is Friday, March 26. For details and to enter, visit the link below.

    More Info

    Contact Martha Terry or visit https://research.binghamton.edu/events/researchdays/artofscience.php

  • We are seeking participants for a research study regarding sustainability culture in the United States. All individuals who are American and over the age of 18 may participate in this study. The survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Select the link below that will take you to the Informed Consent and the survey. The Informed Consent provides additional details of the research, your rights as a participant and participation options and the survey begins on the next page.

    More Info

    Contact Emily Watson Ley or visit http://binghamton.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_5vi6LyJN8oWkkC2

  • Are you interested in doing research this summer at Binghamton? If so, the Summer Research Immersion (SRI) program is the right place for you.

    The SRI program provides science and engineering students with a one-of-a-kind research experience. Working alongside faculty and fellow students on cutting-edge research projects, you'll tackle weighty world issues, build powerful relationships, and set a course for college and career success.

    For summer 2021, SRI is offering research streams in microbial biofilms (microbiology) and ecological genetics (ecology and molecular genetics). Participants will spend all summer investigating these topics and gain valuable experience and knowledge.

    Summer Research Immersion will run for ten weeks (Summer Sessions I and III June 1-Aug. 6), and consist of two courses (8 credits earned together). Opportunities after this program include continued research in faculty laboratories, industry internships and national fellowships.

    A live informational webinar will be held from noon-1 p.m. Friday, Jan. 22, via Zoom. Meeting ID: 925 5686 7653.
    If you cannot attend the webinar at this time, a recording will be made and posted to the SRI website following the live webinar.

    For more information, go to the link below.

    Students must apply by Friday, April 2 at https://www.binghamton.edu/first-year-research-immersion/sri/apply.html

    For questions, email us.

    More Info

    Contact Summer Research Immersion or visit https://www.binghamton.edu/first-year-research-immersion/sri/

  • Speakers and Lectures

  • Melissa Sutherland, professor in the Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences and director of the Kresge Center for Nursing Research at Binghamton University, will speak on "Sexual Violence Screening in U.S. College Health Centers” from noon-1 p.m. Monday, March 8, via Zoom. The talk is sponsored by the Kaschak Institute for Social Justice for Women and Girls.

    Join the Zoom meeting at https://binghamton.zoom.us/j/91752868229
    Meeting ID: 917 5286 8229

    Learn more about the Kaschak Institute at the link below.

    For more information, contact Yeojin Kim at jkim214@binghamton.edu or visit our website at the link below.

    More Info

    Contact Lynne Hendee or visit https://www.binghamton.edu/institutes/kaschak-social-justice-institute/events/index.html

  • Volunteer

  • Binghamton Dance Marathon has put together a virtual 5K to raise money for Upstate Golisano's Children's Hospital! It's very simple to register and every participant who registers will receive a personalized bib as well as an opportunity to win a medal/be featured on our Dance Marathon Instagram!

    Register from now up until Saturday, March 20! Participants will have an opportunity to post their race results online, anywhere from March 20 to March 28!

    Don't like to run but want to help? Don't worry there is a donation-only option as well! Children every day are entering Upstate Golisano's Children's Hospital in need of medical treatment and we want to help provide them the life-saving interventions that they need to come out on top at the end of their care.

    • Every $25 donation helps pay for diapers, blood pressure cuffs for pediatric patients and hospital gowns!
    • Every $50 donation helps provide charity care for the pediatric patients and their families!
    • Every $100 donation can go toward paying for child life specialists who are there to help children understand their treatments/upcoming procedures!
    • Every $250 donation can supply children with pet therapy to help their physical and mental well being!
    • Every $500 donation helps pay for vein illuminators to find those tiny veins on pediatric patients!
    • Every $1,000 donation helps pay for ambulance incubators, allowing children to be transported with the proper life-saving equipment!

    More Info

    Contact Tara Mandel or visit https://events.elitefeats.com/binghamton21

  • Workshops

  • Join Myra Sabir, associate professor of human development, as she takes us through the Life Writing Course from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Thursdays from March 11 to April 29.

    Life Writing is a series of eight transformative workshops in which participants write through their life story, working through unresolved emotional memories. This evidence-based, award-winning writing process has a long history for improving psychological, physical, economic and social health across race, class, gender, age, culture and ethnicity. The process increases coherence in the life story which produces coherence in the self. Coherence in the self produces a healthy mind, a healthy body and the capacity for healthy relationships. This workshop series will place social workers in a stronger position to support their clients with deeper presence and greater emotional availability.
    Most in this field use this kind of life review to reduce pathology; we use it to promote human flourishing.

    This is an eight-week online course offered via Zoom; all sessions must be completed for Social Work Contact Hours: 19 contact hours, $399.

    For more information and testimonials, go to http://www.thelifewritingproject.com!

    Register at the link below.

    More Info

    Contact Debbie Collett-O'Brien or visit http://bit.ly/life-writing-mar21

  • Join us from 1-4 p.m. Wednesday, April 7, via Zoom, for this workshop presented by Gary Smith!

    Workshop participants will examine effective methods to further an inclusive society for all individuals. Upon the conclusion of this workshop, participants will:

    • Strengthen attitudes about social inclusion.
    • Reimagine structures of service delivery for making them more inclusive.
    • Embrace inclusivity for all population groups.
    • Identify best practices in supporting inclusion priorities.
    • Develop effective means for monitoring and evaluating social inclusion efforts.

    3 Social Work Contact Hours available.

    Use the link below to register.

    More Info

    Contact Debbie Collett-O'Brien or visit http://bit.ly/GS-Apr07

  • This semester the Office of Student Conduct is holding open Conflict Coaching workshops to equip students with the best methods of dealing with and alleviating conflict.

    If you want to evaluate and work with your own personal conflict resolution style, sign up using this google form:


    Look out for a Zoom link after registering.

    More Info

    Contact Addie Nicholas or visit https://forms.gle/tgVUugHKRwTLvLuD6

  • The Department of Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership and the College of Community and Public Affairs announce their first non-credit bearing micro-credential program in Career Development for Educational Leaders to be held from 3:30-5 p.m. Thursdays from March 25 to May 6. A non-credit micro-credential is a program that recognizes achievement in professional development activities. Non-credit micro-credentials result in a digital badge, but no transcript notation.

    This series of workshops will provide aspiring, early and mid-career school and school district administrators with specific strategies to enhance their career development skills. This series will include sessions on:

    • March 25: Navigating Job Shifts in Administration
    • April 15: The Search Process
    • April 22: Time Management for Administrators
    • April 29: Scanning, Entry Planning and Interviewing Skills
    • May 6: Salary Negotiation

    All sessions will be delivered via Zoom.

    Each class can be taken individually, but all five classes must be taken to earn the micro-credential.

    Any questions? Contact Suzanne McLeod at smcleod@binghamton.edu for more information.

    More Info

    Contact Debbie Collett-O'Brien or visit http://bit.ly/tlel-career-development