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Graduate Alumni

Alumni of the Graduate Program in the History and Theory of Art and Architecture at Binghamton University have, since the late 1960s, gone on to take up significant academic and curatorial appointments in universities and museums across the United States and abroad, as well as positions in museum education, historic preservation, visual resources management and corporate research, among many other professional fields.

To list only a few examples, graduates of the Department of Art History can currently be found in the faculty and curatorial staff of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, the Morgan Library, New York, the Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, Texas, the Bowdoin College Museum, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, the University of Arizona at Tucson, the University of Notre Dame, the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, and Kaywon School of Art and Design, Euiwang, Korea.

Recently Completed PhDs

Cagatay Emre Dogan
"Picturing the Nation: Turkish Republican Era Photographic Representations of Istanbul," (T. McDonough, 2018)

Josh Franco
"Marfa, Marfa: Minimalism, rasquachismo, and Questioning 'Decolonial Aesthetics' In Far West Texas," (T. McDonough, 2016)
Current Position: National Collector, Archives of American Art

Ya-Ling Wang
"The Institutional and Critical Reception of American Abstract Expressionism in Taiwan and China," (J. Tagg, 2016)

Hyeyun Chin
"'Great Britain's Glory' and the Staging of Global Commerce: The Royal Exchange and the Architectural Identity of Early Modern London," (A. Walkling, 2016)
Current Position: Visiting Professor, Seoul Women's University

Dengyan Zhou
"The Language of "Photography" in China: A Genealogy of Conceptual Frames from sheying to xinwen sheying and sheying yishu," (J. Tagg, 2016)
Winner of the 2017 Distinguished Dissertation Award in Humanities and Fine Arts, Binghamton University.
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Beijing Film Academy

Paulina Banas
"The Orientalist Book Industry (1840-80): Prisse D'avennes, Systems of Borrowing and Reuse, and the Marketing of Egypt," (N. Um, 2016)
Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Sam Houston State University

Angelique Szymanek
"The Fear of Rape, the Treat of Looking: Art, Activism & Spectatorship" (T. McDonough, 2015)
Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Anwar Ibrahim
"Politics, Controversy and Design in Post 9/11 American Mosques: The Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, Roxbury, Massachusetts," (N. Um, 2015)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Architecture Department, College of Architecture & Design, Jordan University of Science and Technology

Jennifer Kennedy
"Charming Monsters: The Spectacle of Femininity in Postwar France," (T. McDonough, 2014)
Winner of the 2014 Distinguished Dissertation Award in Humanities and Fine Arts, Binghamton University.
Current Position: Bader Postdoctoral Fellow, Queen's University

Aynur De Rouen
"Change And Continuity: An Analysis Of The Socio-Spatial Fabric Of Teşvikiye-Nişantaşi, 1945-1960," (B. Abou-El-Haj and N. Um, 2014)
Current Position: Curator, Special Collections, Binghamton University Libraries

Hye-ri Oh
"The Concept Of Photography In Korea: The Genealogy Of The Korean Conception Of Sajin From The Late Choson Dynastic Period Through Japanese Colonialism," (J. Tagg, 2014)
Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Na'ama Klorman-Eraqi
"Feminism and Photography in Britain in 1970s and Early 1980s." (J. Tagg, 2013)
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Art History, Tel Aviv University

Chunghoon Shin
"Seoul Art 'Under Construction' from the Late 1960s to the New Millennium," (T. McDonough, 2013)
Current position: Research Professor, Korean National Research Center for the Arts, Korea National University of Arts

Hala Auji
"Between Script And Print: Exploring Publications Of The American Syria Mission And The Nascent Press In The Arab World, 1834-1860," (N. Um, 2013)
Honorable Mention for the Malcolm H. Kerr Dissertation Award in Humanities, Middle East Studies Association, 2014
Current position: Assistant Professor, American University in Beirut

Deniz Karakas
"Clay Pipes, Marble Surfaces: The Topographies of Water Supply in Late Seventeenth- and Early-Eighteenth-Century Ottoman Istanbul," (N. Um, 2013)
Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Texas State University

Jeannine Keefer
"Politicization of Space: Urban Campus, Urban Renewal and Development in the Temple and University City Areas of Philadelphia from 1947 to 1972," (T. McDonough, 2013)
Current Position: Visual Resources Librarian, Department of Art and Art History, University of Richmond

Shriya Sridharan
"Srirangam's New Antiquity - Negotiating the Hindu Temple's Divine and Historic Pasts in a Global Present," (N. Um, 2012)
Current Position: Lecturer, Santa Clara University

Jeremy Culler
"From Television Signal To Magnetic Strip: An Archaeology Of Experimental Television And Video Knowledge," (J. Tagg, 2011)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Art History, University of South Carolina Aiken

Kivanc Kilinc
"Constructing Women for the Republic: The Spatial Politics of Gender, Class and Domesticity in Ankara, 1928-1952," (T. McDonough, 2010)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Yasar University, Izmir (Turkey)

Victoria Scott
"Silk-Screens and Television Screens: Maoism and the Posters of May and June 1968 in Paris," (T. McDonough, 2010)

Cindy Stelmackowich 
"Bodies of Knowledge" Nineteenth-Century Anatomical Atlasess 1800-1860," (J. Tagg, 2010)

Ana Isabel Perez Gavilan
"The Via Crucis Devotion in Eighteenth-Century New Spain: Innovative Practices in the Sanctuary of Jesus of Nazareth of Atotonilco, Gto" (K. Barzman, 2010)
Current Position: Professor, School of the Plastic Arts, Autonomous University of Coahuila, Saltillo, Mexico


Sharon Smith
"Planned grandeur: a commensurate study of urban expansion in early modern Italy and Mamluk Egypt" (B. Abou-el-Haj and C. Burroughs, 2009)
Current Position: Program Head, Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture, MIT

Ginamarie Pugliese
"Reading Children: Constructions of Childhood in England's Nineteenth-Century Children's Periodicals, 1855-1875" (A. Walkling, 2009)
Current Position: Assistant Director, Naples Art Association at the von Liebig Art Center

Kenneth Havenstein
"Choreographing the City: Politics, Pedagogy, and Musicality in Medieval Siena," (B. Abou-El-Haj, 2009)
Current Position: Adjunct Lecturer, Art Department, State College at Oneonta
Adjunct Lecturer, Art and Art History Department, Hartwick College

Saygin Salgirli
"From Thirteenth-Century Toulouse to Fifteenth-Century Serres: A Comparative Study on Dissent, Authority, and Architecture" (B. Abou-El-Haj, 2009)
Current position: Assistant Professor, Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory, University of British Columbia

Charles (Cody) Barteet
"Colonial Contradictions in the Casa de Montejo and Mérida, Yucatán: Space, Society, and Self-Representation at the Edge of Viceregal Mexico" (K. Barzman, 2008)
Current position: Associate Professor, Western Ontario

Gaudencio Fidelis
"The Reception and Legibility of Brazilian Contemporary Art in the United States (1995–2005)" (A. D'Souza, 2008)
Current position: Director, Art Museum of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Meiqin Wang
"Confrontation and Complicity: Rethinking Official Art in Contemporary China" (N. Um, 2007)
Current position: Professor, California State University, Northridge

Raed Al Tal
"Structures of authority: A sociopolitical account of architectural and urban programs in Amman, Jordan (1953--1999)" (N. Um, 2006)
Current position: Assistant Professor, Jordan University of Science & Technology, Amman, Jordan

Linda Steer
"Found, borrowed and stolen: The use of photographs in French surrealist reviews, 1924--1939" (J. Tagg, 2006)
Current position: Associate Professor, Brock University

Bulent Batuman
"Spaces of counter-hegemony: Turkish architects and planners as political agents in the 1970s" (T. McDonough, 2006)
Current position: Associate Professor, Bilkent University

Ann Ciola
"Identity and Community Solidarity: Counter-Spectacle, Power and Resistance in the Mass Funeral of the 'Guguleteu Seven', March 15, 1986" (K. Barzman, 2005)

Sam Y. Liang
"Ephemeral Households, Splintered City: Mapping Leisure in the Sojourners' Shanghai, 1870-00" (T. McDonough, 2005)
Current position: Associate Professor, Utah Valley University

Onyile Onyile
"Ekpu Oro: The spirits of the living dead as an expression of Oron world view, 1894-1940" (N. Nzegwu, 2005)
Current position: Professor, Georgia Southern University

Karen (Wren) Rogers
"Checkerboard grids: Principles and practices of spatial order in the Americas and the making of place in New Mexico" (C. Burroughs, 2005)
Current position: Associate Dean for External Affairs, College of Architecture, Design and Construction, and Associate Professor, Auburn University

Teresa Pac
"Churches at the edge: A comparative study of Christianization processes along the Baltic Sea in the Middle Ages: Gdansk and Novgorod" (C. Burroughs, 2004)
Current position: Associate Professor, College of Fine Arts and Design, University of Central Oklahoma

Sarah Bassnett
"Visible cities: Photography, visual discourse and city planning in early twentieth-century Toronto and Montreal" (J. Tagg, 2004)
Current position: Associate Professor, University of Western Ontario

Jina Kim
"Invitation to the Other: The reframing of "American" art and national identity and the 1993 Whitney Biennial in New York and Seoul" (J. Tagg, 2004)
Current position: Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Culture, Chonnam National University, Gwangju, Republic of Korea

Hong Kal
"The presence of the past: Exhibitions, memories and national identities in colonial and postcolonial Korea and Japan" (J. Tagg, 2003)
Current position: Associate Professor, York University

Rosemary Ludwick-Bieker
The Cloisters Panel "Scenes from the Life of Saint Augustine": A study in late medieval iconography and Augustinian spirituality (B. Abou El Haj, 2003)

Fr. Joseph Bertha
"The illustration of the Akathist hymn at the Ferapontov Monastery" (B. Abou-El-Haj, 2002)
Current position: Pastor, St. Stephen's Byzantine Church, Amherst, NY

Michelle Hearne
"Anne de Bretagne (r. 1491-1514): Images of medieval queenship in early modern France" (J. Wilson, 2002)

Bianca Freire-Medeiros
"The traveling city: Representations of Rio in United States films, travel accounts and scholarly writing (1930s-1990s)" (A. King, 2002)
Current position: Senior Lecturer of Sociology, Getulio Vargas Foundation (Brazil)

Andrea Frohne
"The African burial ground in New York City: Manifesting and representing spirituality of space" (N. Nzegwu, 2002)
Current position: Associate Professor, Ohio University

Leigh George
"The functions of graphic design: Sociologies, history, and the International Design Conference in Aspen" (J. Tagg, 2002)
Current position: Marketing Manager, Pro Bono at Taproot Foundation; former Account Manager at Greenfield/Belser; former Graphics Project Manager at Westat Education

Laura MacCaskey
"' macula non est in te.' The birth of the Virgin in sixteenth-century Rome" (C. Burroughs, 2001)

Diane Graham [Shafer Domnick]
"Planting, planning and design: A comparative study of English colonial cities founded in India, North America, and the Caribbean, 1660--1710" (A. King, 2001)
Current position: Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, Titusville

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