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The Binghamton University Art Museum will open its spring exhibitions at a reception on Thursday, March 19, 5:00-7:00 pm. The Main Gallery will host an exhibition of fakes, forgeries, copies and other curiosities entitled Holy Hoaxes: A Curator Collects. The exhibition, organized by William Voelkle ’61, Curator Emeritus of The Morgan Library & Museum, features over 60 objects he has collected over the years. Prior to the opening at 4:00 pm, Voelkle will give a free gallery talk about his collection. At 5:45 pm, members of the Southern Tier Singers' Collective will sing in the voices of pre-Christian witches magically transported into the Renaissance...or at least as composer Orlandus Lassus would have us believe.

Holy Hoaxes will seem at first to be an exhibition of medieval manuscripts, paintings and other sacred objects. However, each piece is, at least in part, not what it seems. Old parchment has new paint, authentic manuscripts have new leaves, and other objects have been invented whole cloth. In many cases, Voelkle has used traditional art historical methods of forgery detection. He has identified the forger’s sources or models, discovered iconographical errors and incorrect relationships between text and illustration, and even come to recognize a forger’s personal style. But forgers have always been with us and now use advanced technologies for ever more sophisticated means of replication, providing new challenges for collectors and scholars alike. The many means that forgers use to fool the public are increasingly detected by scientists, but Voelkle’s collection shows visitors the real artistry of those who seek to deceive.

Also opening on March 19 is Alumni Collect and Reflect, organized by alumni John Copoulos ’73 and Stacy Newman Kandel ’99. The exhibition features work on loan from fourteen alumni of Binghamton University and donors to the Binghamton University Art Museum. Through the exhibition, alumni reflect on their collecting practices and the role artwork plays in their homes. From video art, to Roman glass, to 20th-century Arts and Crafts pottery, our alumni engage with the world, bring it home, and in this exhibition, generously share their collected objects with our visitors.

The featured alumni are: Anthony Brunelli ’93; John Brunelli ’97 and Alisha Brunelli ’01; John C. Copoulos ’73; Alice Hagemeyer DuBon ’83; Jacqueline M. Hogan '82; Jackie Jacobs ’76; Cyrisse Jaffee ’74; Stacy Newman Kandel ’99; Lucie G. Nelson, PhD ’77; Barry N. Neuman ’79; Donald Paukett, MBA ’82; Dean A. Porter, BA ’61, MA ’66, and PhD ’74; Charles J. Semowich ’71.

All events are free and open to the public. 

Last Updated: 4/29/20