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The Student Well-being Task Force was established in the summer of 2020 as a part of Binghamton University’s COVID-19 Return to Campus planning. The task force developed a plan with departments and programs across campus to help foster positive moods, resilience and satisfaction with relationships and college experiences in our students. As a result, the Mindset Mentors program was created.

This new and unique student internship experience, spearheaded by Jennifer Wegmann, is being offered through Decker College's Health and Wellness Studies Division.  The HWS 495 Stress, Resilience & Health Internship’s mission is to help our campus community reveal resilience by providing tools and strategies to help students develop a powerful and positive mindset. Through our collaboration we will be providing resources, tips, and opportunities to practice new skills that students can learn to embrace changes, build their resiliency and stay healthy.

We know that navigating this “new normal” and all that goes into being a college student can be extremely challenging, frustrating and at times, emotional.  Check back regularly for more information.

I became a Mindset Mentor because I plan on pursuing a career in which I can empower others to manifest a resilient mentality. I believe that the key to happiness and fulfillment is possessing a growth mindset that can be applied to every aspect of life. In being a mindset mentor, I get to help my peers stress smarter and develop the positive mentality needed to overcome adversity and live a fruitful life.

I became a Mindset Mentor because I realize that during these tough times, most people believe that stress is a bad thing. I definitely used to believe that until I took stress management. That class shaped the way I viewed stress and even taught me effective ways on how to deal with it. This is something that I believe everyone should learn, so I joined the Mindset Mentors in order to spread that awareness.

I joined the Mindset Mentors because I wanted to be able to achieve something meaningful in my last semester at Binghamton. This program has provided me with the unique opportunity to be able to reach out and hep the student community navigate these challenging and stressful times, and provide them with healthy and effective coping mechanisms.

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