Binghamton University's Healthy Campus Initiative - B-Healthy: Choose well, Be well - originated with President Harvey Stenger's strategic planning Creative Activities and Research Road Map Team in 2012, and is based on the concept of making "Binghamton University the healthiest campus." A cross-divisional committee was convened through the Division of Student Affairs with the goal of integrating student health and wellness into Binghamton University's educational mission.


The premier public University for innovation in campus and community health and well-being.


To cultivate a culture and environment of health and well-being that is supportive of individuals and groups in pursuit of their optimal potential.

Health and wellness are essential components of learning, living and working within our community. Improving the health and well-being of our community and its members improves students' capacity to learn; reduces some of the high-impact impediments to academic performance; improves student retention by improving coping strategies and psychological health; and sets the stage for lifelong healthy living. Workplace wellness for faculty and staff can positively impact employee health and job satisfaction, boost engagement and enhance productivity, resulting in greater employee retention and institutional cost savings.