Koh Laboratory

Intimately Bio-integrated Biosensors

Our research is focused on overcoming the obstacles of conventional biosensors. We seek to exploit science and engineering approaches that bring solutions to improve the chemical and physical biocompatibilities of biosensors. These research areas have great potentials in the developments of ultimate biocompatible bio-sensing systems that intimately integrate with a living system, improve the analytical performance of medical devices, and thus provide new technologies to understand human physiology for clinical, point-of-care, and diagnostic/prognostic biomedical applications.

In the Koh Lab, we aim to induce novel biosensor research in the combination of fundamental studies and pioneering engineering efforts that offer multi-disciplinary research opportunities. Our current research focuses on developing various biosensors platforms including nanofibrous permeable soft electronics, ultrathin injectable microneedle sensors, skin-interfaced electronics, and wearable biosensors that all advance electrochemical and physiological biosensors for biomedical applications.