Nanofibous Biosensor

Nanofibrous Biosensor System

The project aims to develop the architecture of nonwoven fibers that will support the electronics while it allows not only intimate integrations on the living organisms but also grants free biofluids and gas transport without artificial biochemical accumulation around the devices.


Epidermal Microfluidics

The wearable device capable of sweat monitoring in daily-life can improve the quality of life and allow prognosis to enhance the efficacy of healthcare service. The project aims to investigate a disposable, robust microfluidic vehicle that can harvest sweat while laminating on the skin, and which will enable multiple, quantitative biomarker analyses via color changes as a function of the concentration of chemical contents in sweat.

Ultrathin Injectable

Ultrathin, Injectable Biosensors

We exploit the study of the ultrathin, needle-type biosensors for determining temperature, heat capacity, thermal conductivity, mechanical properties, and/or catecholamine detection for wide range of biomedical applications.