Campus Pre-School and Early Childhood Center

Mission Statement

To provide young children with exceptional care and high quality education.


Since the first priority of Campus Pre-School and Early Childhood Center is the well-being and development of children, and in accordance with the stated mission, our philosophy is based on the following beliefs:

We believe children thrive in a nurturing environment that includes stimulating experiences designed to foster social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. Self-directed play, choices and active hands-on exploration help children develop joy for learning. Uniqueness and diversity among children, families and staff are valued, and provide opportunities to promote learning and positive relationship skills.

We believe that the center contributes to the development and well being of individuals and families through an ongoing process of collaboration, communication and cooperation between parents and staff. For this reason, all formal and informal activities that involve parents are highly valued.

We believe that continuing educational opportunities are important for all staff for their professional development, and that ongoing education enhances their abilities to provide the best possible experiences for children.

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