Available Programs

  • 18 month through 4 year program
  • Full day and half day
  • Monday through Friday
  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Tuesday and Thursday
  • Binghamton Universal Pre-K program
  • Four year old integrated classroom
  • Summer program

Enrollment Information

General Information: The Campus Pre-School & Early Childhood Center, Inc., and Binghamton University are strongly committed to affirmative action, offering access to services, recruitment of students and employees without regard to race, color, sex, religion, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or national origin.

At the Campus Pre-School & Early Childhood Center you have a number of different schedules to choose. Children can be enrolled in any of these six schedules: Monday through Friday; Monday, Wednesday, Friday; Tuesday, Thursday; full days or mornings only. Enrollment proceeds according to the enrollment policies categories established by the Campus Pre-School & Early Childhood Center.

Age requirements: Campus Pre-School & Early Childhood Center provides care for children 18 months through age of 5 years. To enroll, a child must be 18 months old by September 1. A waiting list is maintained and children may be placed on the waiting list any time after birth.

Enrollment Priorities:

  1. Children  of currently enrolled families will receive first priority.
  2. Children on waiting list are contacted in the following order:
    • Binghamton University student requesting full-time care
    • Binghamton University student requesting part-time care
    • Binghamton University faculty and staff requesting full-time care
    • Binghamton University faculty and staff requesting part-time care
    • State employees requesting full-time care
    • State employees requesting part-time care
    • Alumni requesting full-time care
    • Alumni requesting part-time care
    • Community requesting full-time care
    • Community requesting part-time care
Within the student category, matriculated students and non-matriculated students registered for at least 9 credit hours have a priority over non-matriculated students with fewer than 9 credit hours.