Community-Engaged Courses at Binghamton University

Community-engaged courses designated as academic service-learning or community-engaged learning  are taught by faculty representing diverse departments across campus. Here are a few examples. For sample syllabi from these courses and others, contact Faculty Engagement Associate Barrett Brenton.

Harpur College of Arts and Sciences

Community Engagement

Lisa Yun, associate professor, Asian and Asian American studies and English

Students develop intensive research projects that address aspects, histories or needs of immigrant communities that have been marginalized or missing in public discourse and present them to the public.

Sweet Harvests: Bees & Maples

Sara Velardi, lecturer, geological sciences and environmental studies

Beekeeping and maple syrup production are two forms of specialized agricultural production that are growing in popularity across the U.S., and particularly in the Northeast. This course explores these two practices across the Northeast, with particular focus in New York state. Students study the history of production, the biological and ecological components, the embedded social and cultural meanings, and specifically climate change‚Äôs impacts on the present and future for beekeeping and maple syrup production. Course includes guest lectures and field trips.

School of Management

Doing Business in Emerging Markets

Elena Iankova, adjunct assistant professor, School of Management

Undergraduate and graduate students design and present international exporting strategies for local businesses. 

Thomas J. Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science

Mechanics in Energy Applications

Congrui Grace Jin, assistant professor, mechanical engineering

Graduate students partner with high school students to present research on alternative energy.

Quality Assurance for Engineers

Changqing Cheng, assistant professor, systems science and industrial engineering

Students work in project teams with community partners to apply research to solve challenging real-world problems. 

Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Asthma-based Research

Judy Quaranta, assistant professor, Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Students trained in Open Airways asthma education, implement modules in local elementary schools and produce research. 

College of Community and Public Affairs

Issues in Not-For-Profit Administration

Lauren Dula, director and associate professor, CCPA PhD program

Students connect with the Broome County community by partnering with David Campbell's Philanthropy Incubator. The students are responsible for working with the local nonprofit sector to evaluate and select a recipient for grant funding. The master's program holds an event to raise those funds.

Making and Tinkering for Youth

Amber Simpson, assistant professor, public administration

Teams of students work alongside community partners in developing STEM-related making and tinkering programs for youth.

Foundations of Civic Engagement

David Campbell, associate professor, public administration

This course offers exploration of the core concepts of civic engagement, such as democratic participation, community organizing and civil society. The course introduces students to the role formal and informal institutions (such as nonprofit organizations, local government, student associations and grass roots advocacy groups) play in civic engagement, and emphasizes ways in which students may pursue public service careers and volunteer opportunities. 

Helping Skills in Student Affairs

Natesha Smith, assistant professor, Higher Education and Student Affairs

Students connect with international education organizations, agencies and institutions to enhance community-based learning.