Binghamton University Community Schools

What Are Community Schools?

Community Schools build bridges between community resources, placing the school at the core of the community to support youth, families and neighborhoods within and beyond the doors of the classroom. Through integrating community resources, community schools combat intergenerational poverty and create a more equitable school environment, leading to increased student success and stronger communities.

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The University-Assisted Community School (UACS) model partners universities alongside community resources and the school system, focusing on academics, social support and civic engagement.
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Our Mission

To advance equity and opportunities through collaborative partnerships.

Binghamton hosts UACS conference in June

SUNY Chancellor addresses UACS conference

The University-Assisted Community Schools conference brought together educators from across the state to facilitate a SUNY-led implementation of the UACS model statewide. SUNY Chancellor John B. King Jr. (above) helped make the case for why SUNY is uniquely poised to lead this effort >

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Making an impact

In 2023, Binghamton University Community Schools received $9.3 million in federal funding to train school-based mental health professionals. This will allow us to put more social work students in local schools, expanding critical mental health services.

Supporting Success For All Students