Minor Requirements

Minor Requirements

Minors select courses under the supervision of the undergraduate director, who assists in tailoring the curriculum to the students’ individual interests.

Six 4-credit courses are required for the minor (letter-grades only; minimum of “C-” to count towards the requirements):

  • MDVL 101. Introduction to Medieval and Early Modern Studies (or, in exceptional
    cases, an equivalent course).
  • Five courses in the student's chosen track (medieval or early modern). In cases in which ambiguities arise (e.g., when course coverage straddles both periods), the undergraduate director will consult with faculty to determine the track-status of a given course.

With the approval of the undergraduate director, these five courses may include one course in the track not chosen (medieval or early modern) or in classical studies. (Courses not designated by the CLAS, LAT, or GRK rubric, but still within the disciplinary boundaries of classical studies, for instance, courses in ancient history, philosophy, art history, or archaeology, can, with the approval of the undergraduate director, be counted as courses in classical studies.)

  • The five courses in No. 2 above must originate in at least two different departments. Courses not designated by the MDVL rubric, but still within the temporal boundaries of the program – e.g., carrying a History, Anthropology, Romance Languages , or similiar rubric – can, with the approval of the undergraduate director, be counted among these five required courses for the minor.
  • Four courses (or 16 credits) must be 300 level or higher, with at least one of
    these being a 400-level seminar.

The minor in Medieval and Early Modern Studies is administered by Binghamton
University’s Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CEMERS). The minor is recommended for students planning to pursue graduate studies in pre-modern fields in the humanities or social sciences or as preparation for law school. It may be taken concurrently with a major or minor in a department or another program. A maximum of two courses that count toward a MDVL minor can also count toward another major. For additional details on the minor, please contact the CEMERS office 607-777-2730 or cemers@binghamton.edu, visit our website, or consult with Harpur Advising.