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Center for Integrated Watershed Studies

Natural ecosystems purify water and air, modify climate, reduce flooding, and provide natural products that are crucial to human existence, but few systems have been managed to sustain these benefits.

Watersheds are functional units by which our interactions with the environment can be assessed, because the water that flows from a watershed is a measure of the health of that area.

Understanding and managing smaller watershed units, such as streams, is a necessary precursor to managing larger units, such as the river basins that shape the health and economies of their associated bays, deltas and coastal environments.

The mission of the Center for Integrated Watershed Studies (CIWS) is to serve as a source of expertise on natural features of watersheds and human effects on watersheds. We endeavor to address the biological, geological, geographic, economic and societal components of watersheds, at all scales of integration - local, regional, and international, and our activities range from field data collection for scholarly research to policy analysis and education.


  • Director: Weixing Zhu
    Phone: 607-777-3218

Last Updated: 5/25/17