Center for Middle East and North Africa Studies (CMENAS)

Center for Middle East & North Africa Studies (CMENAS) 

The Center for Middle East and North Africa Studies (CMENAS) at Binghamton University coordinates study of the Middle East, North and Sudanic Africa and European countries that have extensive Islamic contact. The Center develops and integrates research and graduate and undergraduate instruction about the MENA area. Courses related to this area are offered in history, geography, political science, anthropology, sociology, art history, comparative literature, Africana Studies, Judaic Studies, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew and other fields.


The Center currently offers a minor in Middle East and North Africa Studies. The minor combines language study with the range of topical courses that treat the Middle East region from historical and contemporary perspectives. Current faculty members offer courses in Arabic literature, Turkish popular culture, Middle Eastern history (ancient and modern), religious cultures of the Middle East and North Africa, and the politics of the wider MENA region, in addition to other subjects. This minor is geared toward students who are interested in further graduate study on the Middle East, perhaps under the rubric of a specific discipline, such as history or political science, while also providing a strong background to students that are interested in relevant careers, such as journalism, foreign policy and international law.

The required courses for the minor are:

  • 2 semesters (eight credits) of Arabic, Hebrew, or Turkish (modern or Ottoman), studied at any level. This should be two semesters of the same language. A semester of Ottoman may be combined with a semester of any level of modern Turkish.
  • Middle East and North Africa, pre-1800 (four credits)
  • Middle East and North Africa, since 1800 (four credits)
  • 2 courses in chosen areas of interest (eight credits)
  • Notes: Minimum grade required for courses to be counted for the minor: C. No courses for the minor may be taken P/F. 4 courses (16 credits) must be taken at Binghamton University. 2 courses (8 credits) must be at the 300- or 400-level.

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