Freedom Trail

The Downtown Binghamton Freedom Trail starts at Binghamton University's Downtown Center

In a project led by Binghamton University's Harriet Tubman Center for Freedom and Equity, each marker on the trail showcases a person or place associated with the Underground Railroad and Civil Rights Movement.

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Freedom Trail Markers

  1. Harriet Tubman Statue
  2. Elias Hawley
  3. Stephen Hand
  4. African American Community
  5. Trinity Zion Church
  6. Bethel Church, site 1
  7. Bethel Church, site 2
  8. School No. 8
  9. Phelps Mansion
  10. Bud Fowler at Mirabito Stadium
  11. Brigham Hall
  12. Major J.J. Olmsted
  13. MLK Jr. Statue

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Downtown Binghamton Freedom Trail starts at Harriet Tubman statue: See the chosen design

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