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The 1619 Project examines the legacy of slavery in America.

Historic NY church added to Harriet Tubman Pilgrimage Trail

Trinity African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church of Binghamton recently unveiled a new marker noting their status as being one of 13 locations on the Binghamton Freedom Trail.

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Trinity A.M.E. Zion Church unveils new marker

Trinity A.M.E. Zion Church unveils new marker as official stop on the Harriet Tubman Pilgrimage Trail

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A memorial honoring Bud Fowler is unveiled ahead of the Binghamton Rumble Ponies game Friday, Sept. 1

Fowler was one of the first Black players to integrate professional baseball in the late 19th century, more than half a century before Jackie Robinson ever swung a bat. Robinson was born six years after Fowler’s death in 1913.

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Trail highlights Binghamton's Underground Railroad history

More than 160 years may have passed since the Underground Railroad helped free slaves throughout the nation, but to this day, much of that history is still unknown.

In Binghamton, a new walking trail is now highlighting the city’s role in the historic movement, with markers at various sites, celebrating people and places that helped in the abolitionist movement.

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University Downtown Center (UDC) may soon be home to a statue of Harriet Tubman

Nearly two weeks ago, New York State Gov. Kathy Hochul stopped by Johnson City, pledging $400,000 toward Binghamton University’s Freedom Trail Project. The project’s aims are twofold — to erect a statue of the famous abolitionist at the UDC and to place 12 historical markers denoting underground railroad stops and other sites around Binghamton.

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New York State Commission on African American History
 Streamed live on Nov 16, 2022

Partnering with community-based organizations, the New York State Commission on African American History will bring New Yorkers together through events, cultural programming, scholarly research, and other activities that promote a greater understating of the history and achievements of African Americans throughout the State.

EXCELERATE: Binghamton on Advancing Human Rights

Anne Bailey, professor of history and director of the Harriet Tubman Center for Freedom and Equity, discusses Binghamton University's commitment to human rights. 

Prince Charles reportedly wants schools to teach more widely about the transatlantic slave trade

Prince Charles has reportedly called for the history of trafficking by slave traders of African people to be taught as widely as the Holocaust in Britain.

According to reports, the Prince of Wales believes the gap in Britons’ knowledge regarding the transatlantic slave trade must be bridged.

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Division of Human Rights Celebrates Juneteenth

A video from DHR as we explore Juneteenth, the struggle for African American civil rights, and the valuable work of New Yorkers today to eliminate discrimination. 

The Tubman Center’s road to justice and reconciliation

Center addresses structural inequities on campus and beyond. The collaborative effort to create lasting change is the heart of Binghamton University’s Harriet Tubman Center for Freedom and Equity, directed by History Professor Anne Bailey and Associate Director Sharon Bryant, also the associate dean of diversity, equity and inclusion for Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

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‘The Weeping Time’ and the story of the largest slave auction in American history
Off The Page from WSKG | Discussion

Between 1760 and 1860, more than 1.2 million enslaved men, women and children were sold in the United States. The wealth of a nation was built on the trade of people – of slaves –  yet most of us know very little about these auctions or the people who were sold there.

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Guest professor hosts diversity in STEM talk

Sadik’s talk over Zoom, titled “Developing the Next STEM Leaders in the Age of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,” is the first speaker in this year’s Harriet Tubman Center for Freedom and Equity annual speaker series, the theme being “Rethinking the Future: Lessons from the [COVID-19] Era.”

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Descendants Trace Histories Linked by Slavery - The New York Times

Some American descendants of enslaved people and others whose ancestors profited are using online portals to collaborate and reckon with their shared family pasts.

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Grim Echoes of History in Images  
BBC News

Anne Bailey, professor of history and director of the Harriet Tubman Center for the Study of Freedom and Equity, was featured in a BBC News article about grim echoes of history in images of Haitians at the US-Mexico border. Bailey explained that while the images are “difficult regardless of history,” they are reminiscent of historical ‘slave patrols.’ TOTAL CIRCULATION:  Over 67.5 million.

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Harriet Tubman Center celebrates Grand Opening

The Sept. 28 grand opening celebration included live music from the Harpur Jazz Conspiracy Quartet, free food, speeches and custom masks for attendees with Tubman’s favorite motto on it, “Keep Going.”

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Image courtesy of San Diego Public Library Foundation & Library Shop

Reconciling 1619 and 1776 in American History: The Debate over the Soul of a Nation
San Diego Public Library Foundation & Library Shop

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Slavery Reparations Bill HR40 being proposed by US Congress (Radio Interview)
Online for 7 days as of April 14, 2021


Interview Podcast: The US Congress will take a historic step today as a congressional committee is set to vote on a slavery reparations bill (FM4 Interview with Dr. Anne C. Bailey)
Available for 30 days as of April 14, 2021


Is it time for the US to pay reparations for the legacy of slavery?
Chicago Tribune

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Statement of The Harriet Tubman/Binghamton University Center in Response to the Murder of George Floyd

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Tubman Center Advocates for Harriet Tubman $20 bill
NBCUniversal Media

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To create a new future, you must first come to terms with the past.

That’s why the Harriet Tubman Center for Freedom and Equity is embarking on a new initiative: a Truth and Reconciliation Commission that will look at issues of race on the Binghamton University campus, listen to voices that too often go unheard and make recommendations for Binghamton’s future.

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