Brain and Body Imaging Research Center

The Binghamton University Brain and Body Imaging Research Center (BBIRC) is a collaborative venture of Binghamton University, the Research Foundation and United Health Services, Inc.; it was established in order to radically advance the research and clinical capabilities of the partners by bringing the most advanced high field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner to the Southern Tier. The BBIRC has purchased a MAGNETOM Prisma scanner from Siemens Healthineers. In May 2023, this instrument was installed in the radiology wing of UHS Vestal, adjacent to the Binghamton University campus, making the Southern Tier home to one of the most advanced MRI centers in upstate New York.

MRI-centered research is an inherently cross-disciplinary pursuit. It coalesces expertise in physics, anatomy, physiology and neuroscience and advanced data processing sciences, in addition to many subfields of interest to the research community at Binghamton University. These areas include psychology, neuroscience and neurobiology, biomedical engineering, computer science, data science, artificial intelligence and various subfields of biomedicine. The center enables faculty to expand on collaborations across disciplines and with UHS physicians to address new research questions that MRI technology can answer. As a direct consequence of the creation of the BBIRC, Binghamton University recruited three new faculty members who conduct path-breaking research related to human brain development, cognitive neuroscience and age-related cognitive change and Alzheimer’s disease. Other faculty recruitment efforts are underway.

In addition to advancing the University’s research mission, this instrument will open the door for new medical diagnostic approaches that will substantially benefit the broader community. The clinical capabilities of the Prisma scanner will advance the ability of UHS physicians to conduct sophisticated patient exams, including dynamic cardiac imaging, central nervous system evaluations and cancer diagnostics.

As the two largest employers in the county, Binghamton University and UHS have a history of working together to invest in the community. The center’s $2.5M MRI scanner is equipped for research and clinical applications, making it the first of its kind in the region. This opens new avenues of research for Binghamton University faculty and provides UHS physicians with new technology for patient use. The center is a joint investment that makes both partners more competitive in attracting research faculty and physicians to Greater Binghamton. It also represents a new avenue to kindle collaborations between Binghamton faculty and UHS physicians who seek to work together on research projects that advance our understanding of human health.

David Jentsch, Director
4400 Vestal Parkway East
Binghamton, NY 13902