Grants and Funding

MRC Microgrant

The MRC Microgrant is designed to offer additional funding to cultural student organizations programs and initiatives that provide meaningful, inclusive programmatic innovation. Registered student groups can apply for funding in order to establish programs seek to educate our community.

Criteria and Considerations

Grant applications should demonstrate a significant contribution towards creating a diverse and inclusive community through the implementation of initiatives or programs in one (or more) of the following areas: 

  • Education 
    How does the program or initiative enhance cultural competency, identity development, leadership, and/or civic engagement? What are the educational opportunities that this program provides (i.e. guest speaker, panel, workshop, book club, etc.)? 
  • Innovation
    How does the program or initiative uniquely address key issues of diversity and inclusion on campus and/or in the community? How is this program different from existing activities?
  • Impact
    How does this program or initiative “move the needle” in addressing issues of diversity and inclusion throughout the university and community? What are the measurable outcomes?

MRC Microgrant Guidelines

Who is eligible to apply for the Microgrant?
Cultural Student Organizations registered with the Student Association are eligible to apply. 

Register your organization with the Multicultural Resource Center.

Groups may apply for up to $250 each semester.

Funding Restrictions
The microgrant will not be awarded for the following purposes: 

  • Events that are too similar in nature to other organizational events (i.e. multiple banquets or pageants), programming that is incongruent/culturally insignificant to organizational values and purpose, purchase of clothing, donations to charitable organizations, cash prize/giveaways, reimbursement to students for purchases, the purchase of alcohol or other controlled substances.
  • Organizations applying for funding to support a philanthropic program must provide the following information: the cost of the program previously and how much money was raised from the program previously. This information should be included in the program budget. 

How do I fill out the MRC Microgrant application?

  • Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 applications will open at the start of the fall semester.
  • Applications will be reviewed once at the beginning of each semester. This allows time for organizations to apply, set programming plans and marketing materials. The only exceptions to this will be for programming that is planned around urgent or emerging needs. Communication with MRC staff prior to submitting the application is necessary for an exception.
  • List of information that you will need prior to filling out the microgrant request form:
    • Date, time, and location of event
    • Number of anticipated participants
    • Overview of an estimated budget 
  • Complete MRC Microgrant Application
  • Finally, as an essential part of the MRC Microgrant, the Post-Event Summary Form must be filled out no later than 10 days after the program itself. Failure to submit the Post-Event Summary Form will result in being excluded from consideration for future funding. 

For additional information, please email Richie Sebuharara, MRC assistant director.

Collaborate with Us!

We partner with offices, divisions, departments, and student organizations to educate the campus community through initiatives designed to increase awareness and understanding of cultural diversity.

Collaborating with the MRC including programmatic support and financial assistance, as desired and available. If requesting funding, please include the total event budget and the sponsorship amount you are requesting. If requesting a presentation or program, please specify a topic. If you would like a specific MRC staff member to present, please specify that person as well.

MRC Event Collaboration Requests Guidelines

Program Themes
Our primary program themes are educational development, leadership and professional development, student recruitment, student retention, and inclusive community building.

How to Apply
Please complete the MRC Collaboration Request Form at least 4 weeks prior to the event to be considered for program assistance, or financial sponsorship, or to request a presentation for your organization. A member of our staff will contact you after review of your submission.

Post Event Survey
Please remember to fill out the MRC Post Event Summary Form no later than 10 days after your event in order for the Invoice to be paid.

For additional information, please email Richie Sebuharara, MRC assistant director at or call 607-777-6071.

Other Grants and Funding for Student Organizations

Cultural student organizations looking for additional funding or those organizations that do not meet MRC Microgrant requirements can utilize a number of different resources to fund campus-based student organization events and initiatives. Some of those opportunities include:

  • SA Chartered Organization Budget - through the SA
  • GSO Chartered Organization Budget - through the GSO
  • Campus Activities Fee Grant - through Campus Activities
  • OCC Grant - through the Off-Campus College Council
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life Grant - through Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Convocations - through Campus Activities
  • Dining Services Diversity Grant - through Dining Services