Cultural Organizations

Cultural organizations at Binghamton University represent about 36% of the student population. They provide more than 75% of student programming both on and off campus. The organizations offered at Binghamton University include Cultural Student Groups, LGBTQ Student Groups, Religious Student Groups, and Cultural Greek Organizations.

General Cultural/LGBTQ+

  • African Student Organization

    To act as the official representative of the African Student body in matters affecting them at SUNY Binghamton wherever possible. Also, to improve the quality of life of African Students at SUNY Binghamton by arranging social activities and other cultural and educational events.

  • Asian Outlook

    Founded in 1988, Asian Outlook is a student-based magazine on-campus that serves as a voice for the minority— not limited to Asians and Asian Americans— whether by ethnicity, race, gender, sexual or political orientation. We are the art, literary and news magazine of the Asian Student Union.

  • Asian Student Union

    Asian Student Union (ASU) is one of the largest cultural organizations in Binghamton University (SUNY). Representing roughly 20% of its Asian and Asian American undergraduate/graduate students, ASU along with our seven subgroups, serve to defy stereotypes, define culture, maintain a sense of tradition, and what it is to be Asian American in today’s world.

  • Bing Sustainablility Club
  • Binghamton Association of Mixed Students (BAMS)

    Students of mixed heritage often have a difficult time finding their niche on the Binghamton University campus. They may feel as if the present cultural groups do not address their needs, or only address them in part. The purpose of this organization is to provide an environment in which students of mixed backgrounds, as well as those interested in the issues facing students of mixed backgrounds, can express their concerns and interests to each other and the college community at large.,the%20college%20community%20at%20large.

  • Binghamton University Japanese Association (BUJA)

    Binghamton University Japanese Association is an all-student organization created to promote Japanese culture and language to the students of SUNY Binghamton and the people of the Binghamton community, to stimulate closer affiliation between Japanese/Japanese Americans and those who are interested in Japanese culture, and to support international students that they may better adjust to American culture and maximize the value of their experience obtained in the United States.

  • Binghamton University Korean Undergraduate Association
  • Black Student Union

    Dedicated to the theme of “Unity in Heritage,” and the principles of self-determination, self awareness, and unity, the Black Student Union, founded in 1968, will strive to unite and educate students of African descent about their cultural heritage. By promoting community service and stressing academic excellence, the Black Student Union will develop students into active leaders in the struggle for Black liberation.

  • Carribean Student Union
  • Chinascope
  • Chinese American Student Union
  • Corazoncitos / Corazón de Dahila
  • Diverse Cultural Xcellence

    This group is dedicated to educating those who wish to truly diversify themselves through the unbiased, open, and honest discussion of other races, their traditions, and or beliefs. This group is truly meant to focus on unity among all; no matter their race, creed, or gender

  • Graduate African Student Association

    The Graduate African Student Organization (GASO) at Binghamton University is comprised of graduate students who are committed to issues about Africa and African students on campuses all over the United States and the world at large. We are glad to assist you in Binghamton and make you feel at home.

    President: Innocent O Achari at

  • Hellenic Cultural Society

    The Hellenic Cultural Society at Binghamton is focused on increasing awareness of Hellenism and the Eastern Orthodox Religion at Binghamton. We take pride in our culture, and welcome greeks and non-greeks to be a part of our welcoming family. We provide social unity and a sense of community for our members, and are devoted to sharing the Hellenic culture with all of Binghamton.

  • Hindu Student Council
  • Indian Graduate Student Organization
  • Indian International Student Union
  • International Connection

    International Connection is a cultural club that aims to highlight the diversity on the Binghamton University campus and to bridge the cultural gap between domestic and international students. International Connection includes everyone from all cultures and provides a multicultural environment for both domestic and international students to showcase themselves and learn about other cultures.


  • Korean Amercian Student Association

    Korean American Baptist Student Organization (KABSO) strives to promote Korean culture to the campus and to help our members adjust to the Binghamton campus community.

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  • Korean Network in Culture and Time

  • Ladies Owning their Curls, Kinks & Straights (L.O.C.K.S)

    L.O.C.K.S. is here to eradicate the self-esteem issues that many individuals have developed over their hair through bi-weekly discussion, debate, and the discovery of healthier hair practices. We aim to unmask the truth behind why you may hate your hair by dispelling myths that have plagued our community for centuries, while also enlightening people on all the beautiful aspects of our delicate strands.

  • Latin American Student Union

    Founded in 1969, the Latin American Student Union has provided a safe space for people of all backgrounds to feel welcome and at home in an environment where we are underrepresented and can often feel isolated. We harness a spirit of unity by facilitating cultural, social, and political events that celebrate our rich culture and our history of resistance as marginalized peoples.

  • Materials Matter
  • Pakistani Students Association
  • Philippine-Amercian League

    The Philippine-American League is a student-run organization that spreads and informs the Binghamton community of Filipino culture. Founded in 1989, PAL comprises people of all different ethnic backgrounds, but all have a common interest in our culture.


  • Powerful United Ladies Striving to Elevate

    Our mission is to promote self-awareness and provide a safe and open place to discuss gender, sex, health, self-esteem and many other issues that concern women of color. We will provide a safe psychological and physical space for all women to speak freely and openly among one another.

  • Pretty Girls Sweat
  • Rainbow Pride Union

    Our mission is to provide a safe haven for the LGBTQ community on campus and in the surrounding areas.


  • Saudi Students Club (SSC)

    SHADES is an organization created for LGBTQIAP+ students of color on campus. We come together to create a safer atmosphere on campus through activism, education, and social events. We have meetings every week to engage in discussions on intersectionality and the unique issues that we face as LGBTQIAP+ students of color as well as fun bonding activities to foster inclusion and community on campus. We seek to educate others about issues and current events within these communities and hope to create a safe space for all.

  • SKY@BU Grad
  • Taiwanese American Student Coalition

    Taiwanese American Student Coalition, or better known as TASC, is a network of college students who come together based on a common interest in Taiwanese culture at Binghamton University. We are here to provide a support group, to facilitate the defining of one’s Taiwanese American identity and to afford an opportunity to actively address the issues and concerns of Taiwanese and Taiwanese Americans.


  • The Equality Project

    In order to form a more perfect union and to promote justice, equality, and fairness, Equality Project at Binghamton University shall engage Binghamton students in the civil rights movement of our generation: the fight for human, civil, and equal rights for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexuals, Allies, and other folks under the Queer and Gender Variant spectrums.


  • Vietnamese Student Association

    XinChào! We at the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) welcome all prospective students who are interested in learning and fostering Vietnamese traditions. Founded in 1993, our objective since has been to spread awareness concerning Vietnamese culture, cuisine and customs.



    Women Empowered Support Protect Educate Advocate and Know at Binghamton University, also known as WE SPEAK BU is a student organization dedicated to addressing the rising HIV rates among women of underrepresented communities through partnerships with individuals and organizations that serve and empower youth, ages 13-24.

  • Women's Student Union

    To provide a safe, social, open-minded environment for individuals to support the rights of marginalized identities and discuss Women’s Issues through group events and activities, activism, and informational forums. The Women’s Student Union is established with the intent of advocating for intersectional feminism and preventing and opposing the disrespect and disenfranchisement of women and other marginalized groups.

Cultural Fraternities and Sororities

Cultural Pre-Professional/Service

  • Association of Lation Professionals in Finance and Accounting

  • Binghamton China Care Club

    The primary purpose of the organization is to raise funds for special needs orphans in China (under the care of the Half The Sky/China Care Foundation), of which the profits will be used to sponsor an orphan in need under the Half The Sky/China Care Foundation Inc. The organization will also raise awareness for babies born with birth defects as well as the rising problem of abandoned children in China.

  • Binghamton Fulbright Association 
  • Charles Drew Minority Pre-Health Society

    Charles R. Drew Minority Pre-Health Society is named in honor of Charles R. Drew, the eminent African American medical doctor whose pioneering research in blood plasma preservation and transfusion and the Rh factor led to the establishment of blood banks. It is in this spirit of achievement that the organization aims to recruit, retain and support students of historically disadvantaged and under-represented ethnic groups in their pursuit of careers in the science and health fields.

  • Chinese Students and Scholars Association

    Welcome to the family of Chinese students and scholars at Binghamton University. CSSA will try its best to help you settle down. Email to the following address or check the CSSA website for contact information of CSSA executive board members. We will respond as soon as we can.


  • Givology at Binghamton University

  • Hong Kong Exchange Square

    Hong Kong Exchange Square (HKES) was found in Binghamton University in 1994. Our objective is to introduce Hong Kong culture to all the communities in Binghamton University. We strive to achieve this focus by organizing cultural as well as social events to bring students together to have a better understanding about Hong Kong.

  • Juvenile Urban Multicultural Program (JUMP Nation)

    The Juvenile Urban Multicultural Program (J.U.M.P. Nation), is a student-run, non- profit organization comprised of volunteers attending the State University of New York at Binghamton. With a mission to decrease the high school dropout rate through mentoring, while increasing student enrollment into institutions of higher education, J.U.M.P. Nation helps supply at-risk middle school students with the necessary tools to help them overcome socio-economic issues and gives Binghamton University students the rare opportunity to help support and guide the academic success and personal vision of youth.


  • Mary E. Mahoney Nursing Support Group
  • Men of Color Scholastic Soceity

    Men of Color Scholastic Society focuses on current events that affect men of color on a daily basis, while ultimately promoting brotherhood, academic excellence, networking and leadership among students.


  • NABA (Bert Mitchell Minorities in Managment Organization)

    The Bert Mitchell Minority Management Organization (BMMMO) is a pre professional organization designed to address the needs of minority students interested in various business disciplines; and promote the development of skills and talents central to successful careers in the future. BMMMO was founded in 1981, on the Binghamton University Campus by Anthony Kendall, who is currently the CEO of Mitchell and Titus, LLP.,successful%20careers%20in%20the%20future.

  • National Association for the Advancement of Color People (NAACP)

  • National Organization of Black Accountants
  • National Society of Black Engineers

  • Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

    The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers main objective is to form a national organization of professional engineers to serve as role models in the Hispanic community. 


  • Society of Women Engineers

    To empower women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering and technology professions as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and demonstrate the value of diversity and inclusion.

  • Thurgood Marshall Pre-Law Society

    Thurgood Marshall Pre-Law Society was created with the objective of empowerment for students of all backgrounds to enter in the legal profession and combat injustices in all aspects of the world.

  • Tomorrow's Hope in North Korea

Cultural Performance/Religious

  • Binghamton Bhangra
  • Binghamton University Gospel Choir 

    Binghamton University Gospel Choir has been around for over 30 years. Established in the Spring of 1983, its purpose is to be a vibrant performing group that presents and sings gospel music so as to present the context, purpose, and meaning of gospel music. It is Afro-American music with combination with its origin of traditional spirituals, blues and jazz. We share a cultural and enjoyment of gospel music which acknowledges the benefits from an appreciation of cultural differences.

  • Binghamton University Zionist Organization
  • Black Dance Repertoire

    Gryffindor values bravery, daring, nerve and chivalry. The house mascot is the lion, and its colors are scarlet and gold.

  • Chabad

    Hufflepuff values hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty and fair play rather than a particular aptitude in its members. The house mascot is the badger, and canary yellow and black are its colours. 

  • Chinese Christian Fellowship
  • Dzidefo Africa Choir
  • Hillel/Jewish Student Union


    The purpose of Binghamton Masti is to preserve the heritage of the people from South Asia in America, gain recognition through the Binghamton campus by enriching and fulfilling the needs of its membership and community, to spread the South Asian culture through competitive dance at other Universities and finally, to represent the diversity of the State University of New York at Binghamton.

  • Muslim Student Association

    The aims and purposes of the MSA shall be to serve first and foremost the interests of the Muslim student population at Binghamton University, as well as, to a lesser extent, Muslims in the Binghamton area.

  • Newman Association
  • Nurkporfe
  • Quimbamba Latin Dance Team

    Quimbamba is a group of diverse individuals working together to embrace our Latino and African roots through the art of dance. We hope to educate Binghamton and the broader community about Latin culture through our performances and events. We provide quality Latin Dance performances not only for Binghamton University Student Groups, but also for the greater Binghamton area.

  • Sul Poong 

    From the organization our mission is playing four basic Korean traditional instruments, which have been played for about 2000 years. We will also learn the historical background of those unique instruments such as how and where the instruments first originated, the purposes they served to the Korean ancestors, and the stories and myths behind those instruments. As the only performing cultural group currently among the Binghamton University’s Korean student body, we would also teach other cultural aspects as well as how to perform as professionally on stage while wearing traditional uniforms.


  • Uyai Nnua African Dance Team
  • X - Fact'r Step Team