Dry Room

NECCES Dry Room and Battery Facility is an open user facility providing researchers from academia and industry with a state-of-the-art lab environment for lithium battery manufacturing and testing. With our climate-controlled dry room (600 ft2 with four-person capacity and < 0.5% relative humidity) equipped with a full pouch cell assembly line and top-of-the-line cell testing equipment, an explicit evaluation of battery materials/chemistries in a timely manner is provided in a close-to-industrial format, closing the gap between the lab discovery and industrial applications. Partnering with NECCES and Binghamton University offers an opportunity to collaborate with experts on campus and provides access to other labs and facilities.

The NECCES Dry Room will assist the Southern Tier in maintaining its leadership position in the energy and transportation field, as it will allow for academia and industry to research, develop, manufacture, and test advanced energy storage devices that will be used in transportation as well as renewable energy applications such as solar, wind, grid and home storage units.

*User fees will be established.

Flow Chart of Pouch Cell Making

flow chart of pouch cell making


The Dry Room is in the basement of the Center of Excellence


Battery Facility Manager
Hui Zhou