The Opioid Research Center for Central New York (ORCC-NY) is a multidisciplinary, collaborative research initiative to develop innovative ideas and strategies for treating and preventing the harms caused by opioid use disorder. Established and funded through the competitive SUNY Center-Scale Proposal Program, the ORCC-NY has brought together scientists and healthcare professionals from Binghamton University, Upstate Medical University, and the University of Rochester Medical Center to solve the opioid epidemic in the United States.

Our team is working to better understand key facets of the epidemic, develop "out-of-the-box" innovations and leverage existing resources to be more cost effective and impactful.

Our research will reduce the impact of opioids on our community by addressing three key areas of the epidemic:

  1. increasing access to care
  2. reducing fragmentation of care
  3. developing sustainable and scalable care models

Our efforts will inform treatment practices, harm-reduction strategies and policy development at the state and national levels as we provide a foundation for scalable models to be used as a framework by other communities working to implement a defragmented system to address the opioid epidemic.