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Current PhD Students
Alireza Fazli Khalaf

Alireza Fazli Khalaf, PhD Student
Industrial and Systems Engineering

Azadeh Ahkamiraad

Azadeh Ahkamiraad, PhD Student
Industrial and Systems Engineering

Lida Haghnegahdar

Lida Haghnegahdar, PhD Student
Industrial and Systems Engineering

Hayford K Adjavor

Hayford K Adjavor, PhD Student
Systems Science

Current Master Students

Chintan Solanki, Master Student (Thesis)
Industrial and Systems Engineering


Praveen Sethuraj, Master Student (Project)
Industrial and Systems Engineering

Visiting Scholar
Chen Zhang

Chen Zhang, PhD Student
Energy and Power Engineering
Huazhong University of Science & Technology (China)

Nasim Nezamoddini

Nasim Nezamoddini, PhD (2017-05)
Assistant Professor
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Oakland University


Karan Jain, MS (Project) (2018-05)


Sudhir More, MS (Project) (2018-05)


Sagar Modi, MS (Project) (2018-05)


Anurag Noutiyal, MS (Project) (2018-05)


Dhruvesh Desai, MS (Project) (2018-05)


Rakhi Sajeeth Kammireddy, MS (Project) (2017-12)

Student Training

Graduate Student Handbook
BU Graduate School Manual
SSIE Department Graduate Student Handbook

How to Do Research
How to Do Graduate-Level Research: Some Advice

How to Write and Publish
o How to Write a World Class Paper
o How to Review a Paper
o Thesis/Dissertation
BU Writing Center
o Purdue OWL

How to Present
Academic Presentations
Giving an Effective Presentation: Using Powerpoint and Structuring a Scientific Talk

Suggested Courses (General Topics)
o Operations research
o Simulation
o Statistics
o Design of experiments
o Stochastic systems
o Artificial intelligence

Software Skills
o Matlab (Youtube Videos)
o Python/Numpy/Matplotlib (Youtube Videos)
o Arena (Youtube Videos)

Job Search
Ten Simple Rules for Choosing between Industry and Academia
The Academic Job Search Handbook
o Creating Your Academic CV
o Websites: Indeed, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn

Last Updated: 7/6/18