How we can help your small business during COVID-19...


The SBDC will be on the frontlines in helping to shape the economic recovery.  We will continue to assist small businesses with accessing federal resources, such as working capital loans and counseling, and navigating their preparedness plans. This will be a difficult time for the businesses that we serve and we will be communicating more as we receive more information. 

We are here to offer assistance to help your business during this troubling time. Here are a number of websites that will offer you a description of the services that are available.  

1. New York Small Business Development Center Central Homepage

2. and



5. NYS DOL Offers a Shared Work Program for Employers who must reduce work schedules for their employees. This program is available for Full and part-time employees. Visit the NYSDOL Site for more info.

6. SBA Loan Application:

7. 10 Things to Help Manage the Crisis Webinar: CLICK to watch 

8. Information on the PPP program:

9.Emergency Loan Fund from IDA/LDC:

10. City of Binghamton 0% Loan Program:

SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loans are just one piece of the assistance that we offer.  In addition, we will assist you:

  • Locate services and relief that will include federal, state and local programs.
  • Free and confidential research that can help locate new supply chains and business modeling. 
  • Cash flow review.

Please gather the above documentation and schedule a virtual or phone appointment with one of our Advisors.  If you would like to request the opportunity to work with one of our advisors, please CLICK HERE to request services. We will reach out to you to schedule an appointment in a prompt manner after receiving your inquiry. 

Finally, we encourage you to do your part to keep yourselves, family, employees and customers healthy.