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Chemistry Pre-Test

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Basic Chemistry Workshop
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General Chemistry is required for all pre-health students and most of the science majors. High School chemistry is a prerequisite for all our General Chemistry courses (CHEM 104, 107 and 111). Our data show that students with inadequate high school chemistry background struggle in the course and it impacts not only the chemistry course but also the other courses taken in the semester. 

The Chemistry pre-test is designed to identify students with a weak high school chemistry background. Students with a poor performance in the test will be strongly encouraged to participate in a three-week Basic Chemistry Workshop. Another option to make up this deficiency is to take our Basic Chemistry Course (CHEM 100) offered in the summer and fall semesters. Our experience shows that students that address their background shortcomings by taking the Basic Chemistry Course have a much better chance of success in CHEM 104, 107 and 111.

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Pre-Test format

You have one hour to take the test. It is administered online. The test has 50 questions. The questions are a combination of short answers and multiple choices. You can only take the test once. Students may use a periodic table and a calculator. The passing grade is 50%, students required to register for the workshop will be contacted via email.

If you have a disability and are unable to take the exam in the way described here, please contact us via email,, and accommodations will be arranged.

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Pre- Test Schedule

The pre-test is offered over the summer from 5/16 to 7/22. Incoming students are required to take the pre-test before registering for CHEM 104, CHEM 107, and CHEM 111.

NOTE: The deadline to take the pre-test has been extended to 7/22.

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Test topics

The topics covered on the test are standard topics in high school chemistry, and, at a minimum, will include:

  • Basic Math skills & Measurements applied to Chemistry
  • Atoms, Molecules, Compounds, & Ions
  • Composition of Substances
  • Electrical Structure of Atoms
  • Chemical Bonds
  • States of Matter & Physical Behavior of Forces 

Any high school chemistry book can be used for review.

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How to take the Pre-test

We strongly recommend that before taking the pre-test you familiarize yourself with the LON-CAPA platform by completing the “how to use LON-CAPA tutorial” module and also taking the “Practice Pre-test”. The LON-CAPA platform will be available from 5/10 to 7/22. Here is the link to LON-CAPA: LON-CAPA Login Link

The “Practice Pre-Test” is not the “Chemistry Pre-Test”. The Practice Pre-test has the same basic format of the “Chemistry Pre-test. A passing score on the “Practice Pre-Test” does not replace the “Chemistry Pre-Test”. It is only intended to give you an idea of how you will do on the “Chemistry Pre-Test”. 

If you are having difficulty accessing LON-CAPA for the pre-test, please email for help.

Accessing LON-CAPA

How to Use LON-CAPA

Accessing the Practice Questions and Chemistry Pre-Test

Your results (pass/fail) for the Chemistry Pre-Test will be emailed to you. If you do not pass the Chemistry Pre-Test offered during the summer, you will receive an email with instructions on how to register for the "Basic Chemistry Workshop". 

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Basic Chemistry Workshop

The Basic Chemistry Workshop is an overview of the basic concepts of chemistry and develops skills in problem solving that provides a foundation for future studies in chemistry. It does not fulfill any college requirements in Science or Math.

It will be offered online from July 25 to August 12, 2022. The goal of the workshop is to prepare students for more rigorous General Chemistry courses in the fall semester.

The workshop is designed by our General Chemistry Team. It will be facilitated by Dr. Murphy, an experienced Binghamton University General Chemistry instructor, and a team of Chemistry Graduate Students.

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Online Lectures, assessments and discussions – all required. 

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Cost and Required Material

The workshop will be offered at no cost to the students. The student must have a computer with a high speed internet connection and a calculator. Access to our educational platforms (Brightspace and LON-CAPA) will be provided. 

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