Facilities & Equipment

student resting in cinema loungeCinema Facilities & Equipment

Students who are taking our production course can check out equipment for the class projects. Students in our production course also can access to our facilities 24/7 when a class is not using them.

If a student who is currently taking our production course plans to work on a class project in Classroom Wing/Lecture Hall building after 11 p.m., s/he would need to obtain a building pass.

Contact your course instructor or Melissa Miller, our department secretary, for the procedure.


film processing room

Digital Video Editing Labs: Mac based labs with a variety of software including: Final Cut Pro, Adobe C.C. and Dragonframe.

Animation Lab: Mac computers and iPads with Dragonframe, After Effects, Photoshop, Tagtool and Oxberry Master series animation stand with articulating easel. Has both digital and 16mm capabilities and 10-foot vertical boom. Oxberry pro-copy stands rigged with Canon DSLRs.

Sound Studio: Mac Lab includes; Software package includes Ableton Live and Isadora. Hardware including: Make Noise Modular Synth Shared System, M-Audio and Casio keyboards, MOTU UltraLite 10in/14out channel Digital Interfaces, Akai and Push Launchpads, Korg Monotron Ribbon Synthesizers, Turntables, Nagra 1/4 inch reel to reel, Mag 16mm Dubber, Mackie and Behringer mixers, Tascam cassette decks, Sure Microphones with stands.   

Super 8 and 16mm Film Editing Rooms: 16mm and Super 8 film bench setups with film viewers and splicers, as well as 16mm Steenbeck 6-plate film editing flatbeds and light tables.

Film Processing Lab: Student training lab for Super 8mm & 16mm b/w reversal motion picture developing. Custom fixtures include an IR viewer and vertical drying rack.

Image Transfer Studio: JK film to digital transport utilizing tethered Canon DSLR.

Optical Printing Studio: JK Optical Printers, K-105, K103 Meritex controllers, 16/8mm gates and film to digital capabilities.

Media Equipped Classrooms: Digital HD video and 16mm projection in 90 seat cinema, video and data projection, Super 8 mm small screening rooms, rear projection screen, Lighting grid, background/set materials.


Cinema department sound room

Students who major in cinema have access to University-owned media equipment. Generally, cinema students may borrow audio, video and filmmaking equipment to complete classroom assignments. The loan period is normally 3-7 days. In addition, students are strongly encouraged (but not required) to purchase basic sound/image gathering and editing tools. Useful equipment includes: continuously updated digital cameras, external handheld microphone and FireWire or USB3 cables, headphones and interfacing accessories.

Cinema technical staff can help recommend equipment and software for incoming students. (Instructional Support Technician: 607-777-6345).

Technical Staff