Facilities & Equipment

student resting in cinema lounge

Cinema Facilities & Equipment

(Above picture: Cinema Lounge)

Students who are taking our production course can check out equipment for class projects. Students in our production course also can access to our facilities 24/7 when a class is not using them for class projects.

If a student who is currently taking our production course plans to work on a class project in Classroom Wing/Lecture Hall building after 11 p.m., s/he would need to obtain a building pass from Missy Miller, our department secretary. Please contact Missy for the procedure.

Policy for cinema majors to access CW-B17 (Digital Lab) & equipment:

For CW-B17 access, we will keep the ID of a Cinema major student who has taken at least one 200-level production course activated to access CW-B17.

For equipment access, we will ask a student to reach out to one of his/her former production instructors to check out equipment when s/he is not taking any production course. We will then find out which equipment would be available for the student on a weekly basis.

Policy for student clubs to reserve LH-6:

We accept a proposal during the first week of the semester (please send your proposal to Missy Miller, which should include the name of the club, email address of the contact person, the date & time of the event, description of the event, and an expected number of audience), and we accept only one proposal from each student club per semester. Please note that the student club needs to pay the fee to hire a Cinema department projectionist (about $20/hour).


film processing room

(Above: Film processing lab)

Digital Video Editing Labs: Mac labs with a variety of software including: Final Cut Pro, Adobe C.C. and Dragonframe.

Production / Lighting Studio: Mac station, Fully controllable DMX lighting grid.  LED Epson projector, 16mm and super 8 projectors.  Rear Projection screen, Green screen, Frontal projection screen. Portable floor lights include Lowel and Mole Richardsons. 

Animation Lab: Macs and iPads with Dragonframe, After Effects, Photoshop, Tagtool and Oxberry Master series animation stand with articulating easel. Has both digital and 16mm capabilities and 10-foot vertical boom. Oxberry pro-copy stands rigged with Canon DSLRs.

Sound Classroom: DAW & software packages Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Reaper, Isadora, & VCV Rack. Electronic Music Hardware includes: Moog Mother-32, Make Noise Eurorack Modular Shared System with Doepfer, Mutable, Bastl, & Folktek modules.  Digital and Midi Interfaces:  M-Audio, and Akai keyboards, MOTU Presonus, Akai and Push Launchpads, Korg Ribbon Synthesizers, Korg Volca's.          Old School Analog Equipment:  Burns Theremin, Turntables, Nagras,16mm Mag dubber, Mackie, Soundcraft, and Behringer mixers, Tascam 4-track cassette decks. Specialty equipment:  Prepared piano soundboard, includes fully controllable solinoids and dc motors to strike strings or soundboard via Bastl Eurorack modules. Includes selection of mounted switchable transducers to utilize the board as a reverb chamber. 

Sound Recording Studio: Mac Station with Pro-Tools, Reaper, and Ableton Live. 5:1 Surround & 2:1 Stereo using Presonus active monitors and M audio / presonus digital interfaces. Electronic and accoustic instruments include: Moog Grandmother, Yamaha 88 key synthesizer, Steinway upright, and Vintage Wurlitzer organ. Microphones: Rode, Sennheiser, Blue, and AT.

Maker Space Studio:  Soldering station with ventilation, Spare speakers, Cable Wall, Vinyl record collection for sampling.

16mm & Super 8 Film Editing Rooms: 16mm and Super 8 bench setups with film viewers and splicers, as well as two 16mm Steenbeck 6-plate editing flatbeds and light tables.

Film Processing Lab: Student training lab for Super 8mm & 16mm b/w reversal motion picture developing. Custom fixtures include an IR viewer and vertical drying rack.

Image Transfer Studio: JK film to digital transport utilizing tethered Canon DSLR.

Optical Printing Studio: JK Optical Printers, K-105, K103 Meritex controllers, 16/8mm gates and film to digital capabilities.

Theater: Digital HD video and 16mm projection in 90 seat cinema, video, and data projection.

Equipment Checkout: Provides a diverse set of camera, lighting, sound, and support gear.  Cameras models include entry level to professional equipment:  Black Magic, Canon, Panasonic, Sony, & 16mm Bolex's.  Audio recorders include Tascam and Zoom.  Lighting kits range from LED Lite Panel models to traditional Lowel Kits


Cinema department sound room

(Above: Sound Classroom)

Cinema technical support staff can help recommend equipment and software for incoming students. Please contact Brian Murphy, our Instructional Support Assistant.

Technical Staff