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Cinema Major

Departmental honors are awarded to students whose senior theses are judged by the faculty to be of superior quality. In addition, honors are awarded to those majors who have completed a substantive body of significant work in the department. Nominations for honors are submitted by individual faculty members, and the final decision rests with the entire Cinema Department faculty. Senior standing is required.

New Requirements for the major

The cinema major consists of six core courses and five electives. The core courses give students experience in the analysis of film and video and the creation of personal works in both media. A set of elective courses is chosen to reflect the student's dominant interests. Those who wish to stress filmmaking or videomaking should begin the major early enough in their academic careers to allow for the completion of the sequence of courses in those areas.

  • CINE 121: Experience, History and Analysis of Cinema
  • CINE 122: Expression and Innovation in Film and Video
  • CINE 252: Video and Filmmaking I
  • CINE 321: Film Theory
  • CINE 353: Digital Videomaking II (CINE 353 cannot be taken at the same time as 351, 352 or 360)
  • One of these three: CINE 351: Filmmaking II, CINE 352: Performative Process, or CINE 360: Expanded Cinema
  • Five additional cinema courses, at least three of which must be upper-division courses (courses numbered between 300 and 499) with one of them a 400 level course (400 level requirement effective for students entering the university beginning with Fall 2014).

Residency requirement

A minimum of 6 courses in Cinema courses must be taken in Harpur College in order to qualify for the BA degree.

The department requires a grade of C or better in cinema courses counted toward the major. No courses for the major may be taken Pass/Fail.

Cinema Minor

The cinema minor consists of three core courses and three electives, for a total of 24 credit hours. Students should be advised that CINE 122 is a prerequisite to all production courses and may be taken concurrently with CINE 252.

  • CINE 121: Experience, History and Analysis of Cinema
  • CINE 122: Expression and Innovation in Film and Video
  • CINE 252: Video and Filmmaking I
  • Cinema elective (200 level or higher)
  • Cinema elective (300-400 level)
  • Cinema elective (300-400 level)

Note: Unless otherwise noted, all undergraduate courses carry four credits.

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