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Kristen Loutensock




Kristen Loutensock works between and across the fields of film theory and history, disability studies, health humanities, race theory, medical history, and gender studies. She received her BA in Film Studies from the University of California, Davis and her PhD in Film and Media from the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to her arrival at Binghamton, she served as a Visiting Professor of Disability and Gender Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and the Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in Health Humanities at St. Lawrence University.

Her work has been presented at conferences in narrative studies, film history, film studies, anthropology, disability studies, and more, and she has presented to groups including disability student services practitioners, curatorial practice students, and health humanities faculty. Her current book project, “Narrative Disorder,” current book project, takes up film genres central to American representation of race, gender and sexuality to argue that each was simultaneously part of and constructed alongside the criminal justice system, child psychology, and commodity capitalism. This shows not only the complex intertwining of scientific and fictional narratives, but also demonstrates how debates about the normative national self are enriched through attention to both narrative media and scientific discourse. Her current work on empathy and the national subject is part of the Rhetoric of Health and Medicine working group program.