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In accordance with the temporary regulations put in place to prevent the spread of Covid19, many changes have been implemented to the AudioVisual systems in classrooms on Binghamton University campus.  These changes have been made to promote healthy interaction with the technology, and facilitate 'BingFlex' delivery pedagogy:  Teaching to in-room students and online students simultaneously.

Please take a moment to read through this document to familiarize yourself with this new environment:

Technical changes in room:
  • Professors will now be issued their own Shure Lapel mic to use in rooms where a mic system is installed.  Professors will request a mic with the technology request form (link below).  Professors can pick up batteries for their mic at AV services office, AA152
  • Some rooms have had lapel mics removed from the space, and replaced with either tabletop microphones, or swing-arm microphones.  Contact AV services for more details on your space.
  • Many classrooms have had small USB cameras added to the desk.  You may use these at your discretion for online participation.
  • Many classrooms have had USB cables added to the document camera, to use in conjunction with online web conferencing software like Panopto and Zoom.   See the instructional video's section below for more details.  Contact AV services if you'd like a cable.
  • Several Classrooms have a Panopto recording / broadcasting system installed.  These rooms are:  CW108, CW110, CW202, CW212, CW214, SL206, LH1, LH2, EB110 and LN1324.  If you are in one of these spaces for Fall 2020 semester, please contact AV services to schedule your class media recordings / broadcasts
  • Professors can request a Classroom Technology Assistant by emailing CTA@binghamton.eduThis CTA will assist the professor in managing the new technology in the spaces to teach online and in-room simultaneously.
  • Classroom AV support visits will be minimized in order to promote healthy and safe environments for all members of campus.   Phone-based CTA's will also be available at the AV helpdesk line (7-4757) should the need arise.  Repair visits will happen outside of scheduled class time.
Cleaning Processes for Classrooms:
  • Each Professor is issued a 2oz bottle of hand sanitizer and a shammy.   EdComm recommends that a professor clean off the mouse, keyboard, and control panel before and after each class.   To do so, spray two pumps of the hand sanitizer directly in to the shammy.  Use the shammy to clean off the keyboard, mouse, and control panel.
  • Professors will be issued their own lapel mic for the semester.  Included will be an instruction sheet to change the frequency of the mic based on what room you are in.  This mic will be yours for the semester.
  • Swing-arm microphones can be cleaned with the same shammy and sanitizer process as the keyboards and mice.  Again, be sure to spray the shammy, not the equipment.
BingFlex Delivery Notes:
  • Professors in laptop ready classrooms will need to bring their own laptop and camera/mic to teach remotely.   Professors can request a camera/mic in the forms section below
  • Professors in multimedia classrooms can use the installed room PC and attached camera/mic if they wish.
  • Professors in Panopto-enabled classrooms can have the system automatically broadcast their content.  Contact AV services to coordinate.
Request Forms:
  • Binghamton University Technology request form (webcams, headsets, camera mounts, microphones, lapel microphones):
Supporting videos and Links:

As always, Educational Communications strives to support the campus in the best way possible.  Please let us know if we can assist you further.


Andrew Tucci
Director, Educational Communications