Instructional Design Services

The Center for Learning and Teaching’s Instructional Design Services promote teaching excellence at Binghamton University through various events, consultations, course observation, and customized training programs for instructors at all levels -- from senior faculty to graduate teaching assistants. Our Instructional Designers also conduct continuous research on teaching best practices via pilot-programs and collaboration with other SUNY institutions; they are available to you for one-one consultations and/or departmental consultations for discipline-specific conversations about teaching strategies and can provide you with resources to help you teach effectively and efficiently.

Mission, Vision, and Values

The Center for Learning and Teaching’s core Instructional Design mission is to support faculty digital fluency skills and core pedagogical knowledge that can be applied to course and curriculum development for student success and persistence. Our objective is to offer professional development opportunities, based on researched effective practices and innovations, for faculty so that they can maintain their individual, departmental, and programmatic identities. We value supporting faculty so that they have the knowledge, skills, and tools to be successful, in all areas of their work, in this fast changing, digital world. We strive to grow and support a culture of instructional design thinking and reflection so that Binghamton University continues to be a premier educational institution.

Services Provided

Teaching and Learning Resources