Course Consultations

Instructional Design Services provides individual or group consultations regarding learning and teaching at Binghamton University. Whether you are a tenured faculty member, a new faculty member, or a graduate student teaching for the first time, it is helpful to talk through your plans. Our staff members are available to meet with you at any stage to help identify learning goals, teaching strategies, appropriate technologies, etc.

Our Instructional Designers services staff members are ready to support faculty with

  • Concept mapping and curriculum design
  • Alignment of learning objectives, instructional strategies, and assessments
  • Development of new and innovative approaches to learning and teaching in various environments (face to face, online, blended, etc.)
  • Application of active learning strategies that address diverse learning styles, abilities, and backgrounds
  • Selection of educational technologies that are suitable to address specific learning objectives
  • Advice on the development of supplemental resources such as syllabi, handouts, class notes, calendars, presentations, etc.

To schedule an appointment with an Instructional Design services staff member, email or contact the designer directly from our Contact page.