Digital Fluency

Harnessing the digital world to create, communicate and collaborate effectively in academic and professional environments. Digital fluency is understanding the range of possibilities for a certain objective, knowing how to choose the appropriate solutions from a set of tools to best meet those objectives, and understanding how to adapt to changing technology.

Success Criteria

For the Binghamton University community, this initiative will be successful if...

  • Individuals become fluent in creating presentations to various audiences in various environments.
  • Individuals become fluent in collaborating with others in various digital environments.
  • Individuals become fluent in communicating in various digital environments.

What activities/skills fit into the above?

Being able to...

  • Create and deliver an effective webinar.
  • Collaborate with others across distance and time.
  • Create and deliver an effective presentation.
  • Make an effective live video presentation.
  • Create rich media documents.
  • Create effective video content.
  • Collect various learning artifacts into an effective electronic portfolio.
  • Identify audience needs in order to become an effective communicator.