Remember your college essays and projects that are somewhere in your parents’ attic?

Today, students can have their college papers at their fingertips in digital form. With ePortfolios, your students can organize their coursework to demonstrate evidence of personal and professional growth over the course of a semester or their college career. In the ePortfolio, your students are able to showcase essays, articles, and multimedia. This becomes a record of their best work at college, and they can use it when applying for jobs or graduate schools.

 Think of the “portfolio” that an aspiring artist or writer might take to a job interview. That portfolio full of prints or paper is now online and can be shared with a simple web link. 

 In addition to the projects, ePortfolios normally contain reflective statements that put class assignments in context revealing the progression of both academic and professional development your students will experience in your course.

 The Center for Learning and Teaching’s Instructional Design Services (IDS) can help you implement ePortfolios in your course and curriculum design. Binghamton University supports the use of Digication as a tool for developing ePortfolios which provides many features for assessing learning, promoting peer interaction and feedback, as well as maintaining course and learner privacy. Contact IDS for more information.