Overview of the Community Research and Action program

The PhD program in Community Research and Action prepares students for academic or policy-related careers focused on addressing critical issues facing communities.

Our curriculum infuses considerable coursework in research methodologies and draws from a wide range of disciplines, including anthropology, public policy, public administration, education, sociology, and psychology.

Students in our program are committed to social justice, health and well-being, human rights, public service, social welfare and community transformation. They typically enter our program with several years of experience in fields such as education, counseling, human services, public health, public administration, social work or Higher Education and Student Affairs.

Degree offered

Research and community engagement

We encourage students to conceptualize their research topics across multiple levels of analysis, emphasizing collaboration with communities to seek understanding and solutions.

Students are encouraged to collaborate with faculty throughout their research studies. Our faculty also work with students on their dissertations and consult with them on various projects.

These many connections support our doctoral students as they address a range of important social issues, such as:

  • mental health 
  • equity and access for marginalized populations
  • food insecurity
  • challenges facing refugees
  • health policy for marginalized populations
  • development of sustainable communities

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After you graduate

Our graduates are trained for careers as researchers in a variety of settings including academia, research institutions, public administration, and policy institutes.