Community Research and Action PhD

Giving voices to refugees and mothers who lost children to violence

At the heart of two doctoral research projects are the lives of nearly two-dozen women and the way their experiences answer key questions about society.

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Community Research and Action PhD

Become a leader in researching solutions for today’s most critical social issues! The PhD in Community Research and Action program is training the next generation of scholars changing the world.

Highlights of our program

  • Our innovative, inter-disciplinary program helps students gain research skills and learn about society’s most pressing public policy challenges, including educational inequality, racial justice, gender-based violence and many more.
  • Our small classes allow our students to engage in interactive dialogues with each other and develop close relationships with our faculty who are top scholars in their field.
  • Our faculty are experts and collaborate with students on cutting-edge research to help advance social justice and empower people across communities.
  • Our excellent academics prepare graduates for rewarding careers in academia, research institutions and policy organizations.

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Without school, a ‘lost generation’ of Rohingya refugee children face uncertain future

Doctoral student Rubayat Jesmin details how the future of these refugee children grows more imperiled the longer they remain out of school.

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Our graduates are leaders in nearly every field of public and community service due to their talent and desire for change.