Division of Occupational Therapy

In 2019, Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences established a Division of Occupational Therapy as part of its School of Rehabilitation Sciences. 

Online Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) program now available

The Division of Occupational Therapy is now offering a 100% online Post-Professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy (PP-OTD) program. We will be welcoming our inaugural class in August 2022.

The online PP-OTD program was created for registered/licensed occupational therapists who have a master’s degree and want to advance in their field by earning a clinical doctorate.

The program builds on the experience occupational therapists already have, while providing the knowledge and skills they need to move beyond therapist-clinician into areas such as occupational therapy education, clinical research, clinical practice, leadership or advocacy.

Our new PP-OTD program has a lot to offer

  • 100% online coursework means no matter where students live or work, they can access the online program
  • 36-credit-hour program can be completed in 5 consecutive semesters, requiring 2 years to complete; semesters are composed of two 7-week sessions
  • Courses will be held during late afternoons and evenings, so they’re easier for students to fit into their schedule
  • Students will attend online courses at specific times, but complete assignments and participate in discussion boards according to their own schedule
  • Our caring and inclusive faculty are committed to providing an innovative, learner-centered, fully online educational experience

Who is eligible to apply

To be eligible for admission into Binghamton's online Post-Professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy, applicants must:

  • Hold a master’s degree
  • U.S. applicants must have graduated from an ACOTE-accredited occupational therapy program (U.S.)
  • International applicants must have graduated from a World Federation of Occupational Therapy (WFOT) approved occupational therapy program

Classes start in August

The fall 2022 session for the online PP-OTD will begin Aug. 29; applications will be due Aug. 15.

Entry-level program also in development

  • The Division of Occupational Therapy is also developing an entry-level OTD program, which is designed for students who hold a bachelor’s degree and now wish to study to become an occupational therapist.
  • The program will prepare students to sit for the National Board of Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) exam and become licensed occupational therapists.
  • Binghamton expects to launch the entry-level OTD in fall 2023.
  • In contrast to the post-professional OTD program, which is strictly online, the entry-level OTD program will be delivered on campus at the University’s Health Sciences Building in Johnson City, N.Y.

Get more information

Learn more about the online Post-Professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) program by emailing us at ppotd@binghamton.edu.