Programs and Services

Professional Development

DEI develops programs and initiatives to enhance campus diversity, equity and inclusion. DEI also conducts ongoing assessments and provides consultation, coaching and trainings on campus climate issues.

Recruitment and Retention

DEI aids in the development and support of campus-based recruitment and retention initiatives that increase representation of diverse populations. DEI, in consult with Human Resources, provides training on recruitment and hiring practices to all interested faculty and staff.

Campus Climate Surveys

DEI conducts ongoing assessments regarding campus climate issues which aid in developing University-wide programs, policies and procedures to foster a safe and inclusive environment.

Complaints and Compliance

DEI has primary responsibility for developing policies, practices, programs and initiatives that ensure University compliance with federal, state and local laws as well as promote respect for human diversity in teaching, research and service across the University.


Building Bridges to Cultural Competency (available for students and staff)

This workshop is designed to increase awareness of and appreciation for cultural differences, while highlighting ways in which we can increase our professionalism in academia by being culturally proficient. The workshop features several activities, a short video presentation and in-depth discussions that make for a thought-provoking and engaging experience. More than 90 percent of all past participants surveyed agree that all University professionals should experience this workshop at least once a year! This is an interesting presentation you do not want to miss. It is guaranteed to change the way you think about inclusiveness.

What Kind of Leader are You? A Leadership Forum (for students)

The Leadership Forum is designed for students who are interested in running for e-board within a cultural organization. Each session is about 2-3 hours. The purposes are:

  • For potential student leaders to understand their leadership styles
  • To offer ways for students to effectively communicate with others
  • To create a dialogue among students about how we operate as leaders
Building the Exceptional Team: A Team Builders Workshop for Professionals (for faculty and staff)

This workshop, which is based on a Myers-Briggs Model, is designed to provide a useful framework for staff to conceptualize individual needs for growth as professionals and seeks to increase effectiveness in a team environment. Additionally, the workshop can assist staff in understanding their own communication styles as well as those of their colleagues. 

Submit a workshop request or contact the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion if you have questions regarding scheduling or attending a workshop. 


Continuing the Dream: Inaugural MLK Week of Welcome Celebration

This spring DEI is sponsoring a week-long celebration to welcome back Bearcats and honor the legacy of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. For full details or to register for events visit

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Last Updated: 1/6/17