Economics Job Candidates

Market Candidates 2019-2020

Placement Director
Susan Wolcott
Phone: 607-777-2339

a picture of Leila
Leila Salarpour Goodarzi
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Job Market Paper: "Mahr and Divorce: An Islamic Marriage Concept and Its Effects on Intrahousehold Bargaining Power of Couples"
References: Solomon W. Polachek (Chair), Andreas Pape, David Slichter, Ritam Chaurey
Research Interests: Labor Economics, Development Economics, Applied Micro Economics
a photo of Zhezhi
Zhezhi Hou
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Job Market Paper: "Growing from Spillovers: A Semiparametric Varying Coefficient Approach"

References: Subal Kumbhakar (Chair), Florian Kuhn, Wei Xiao,
Shunan Zhao
Research Interests: Production Economics, Econometrics/Applied Econometrics, Spatial Econometrics

a photo of nusrat jimi
Nusrat Abedin Jimi
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Job Market Paper: "School Attendance Under Lottery Systems: Effects on Classroom Diversity and Academic Achievements"
References: Christopher Hanes (Chair), Susan Wolcott, Subal Kumbhakar, Plamen Nikolov
Research Interests: Development Economics, Education Economics, Policy Evaluation, Applied Microeconomics

a photo of John Pedersen
John Pedersen
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Job Market Paper: "Voting for Transit: The Labor Impact of Public Transporation Improvements"
References: Solomon Polacheck, David Slichter, Cliford Kern
Research Interests: Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics, Urban Economics

A photo of Christo Tarazi
Christo Tarazi
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Job Market Paper: "Case-based Learning Firms in a Cobweb Model" (with Andreas Pape and Wei Xiao)
References: Wei Xiao (Chair), Andreas Pape, Arti Ramesh
Research Interests: Marcoeconomics and Econometrics.