Economics Job Candidates

Market Candidates 2020-2021

Placement Director
Florian Kuhn

Image: Alan Adelman
Alan Adelman
Alan Adelman
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Job Market Papers: "Cognitive Health and Retirement Behavoir" and "Do Pension Benefits Accelerate Cognitive Decline? Evidence from Rural China" with Plamen Nikolov
References: Hwan-sik Choi (Chair), Solomon W. Polachek, David Slichter, and Plamen Nikolov
Research Interests: Applied Microeconomics, Health, Labor, and Development Economics

Image: Yui Law
Yui Law

Yui Law
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 Job Market Paper: "Optimal Noise in Asset-Price Manipulation."
References: Wei Xiao (Chair), Florian Kuhn, and David Slichter
Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Finance, Bounded Reality, Heterogeneous-Agent Models

Image: Mingyang Li
Mingyang Li

Mingyang Li
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Job Market Paper: "Does Subsidy Increase Firm Productivity? Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises"
References: Subal C. Kumbhakar (Chair), Ivan Korolev, Qiankun Zhou, Shunan Zhao, and Susan Wolcott (Teaching)
Research Interest: Applied Microeconomics, Production Economics, Semi/nonparametric Methods, and Development Economics

Image: Ruohao Zhang
Ruohao Zhang
Ruohao Zhang
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Job Market Paper: "Public Pressure and Heterogeneous Effects of Voluntary Pollution Abatement"
References: Neha Khanna (Chair), Subal C. Kumbhakar, Michael S. Delgado, and Alan J. Krupnick
Research Interests: Environmental Economics and Policy, Applied Microeconomics, Public Economics, and Econometrics

Image: Jiani Gao
Jiani Gao

Jiani Gao

Job Market Paper: "A Reversal of Trends: China's Two-Child Policy, the Mating Process, and the Gender Wage Gap"
References: Solomon W. Polachek (Chair), Andreas Pape, and Ivan Korolev
Research Interests: Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics, Education Economics, and Public Policy

Image: Huayan Geng
Huayan Geng
Huayan Geng
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Job Market Paper: "Estimation and Inference of Treatment Effects Using a New Panel Data Approach: Measuring the Impact of US SYG Law"
References: Wei Xiao (Chair) and Qiankun Zhou
Research Interests: Econometrics/Applied Econometrics, Applied Mircoeconomics, Semi- and Nonparametic Methods, Policy Evaluation, and Chinese Economy

Image: Nusrat Jimi
Nusrat Jimi
Nusrat Abedin Jimi

Job Market Paper: "Lottery-Based School Admission: Effects on Classroom Diversity and Academic Achievement"
References: Christopher L. Hanes (Chair), Subal C. Kumbhakar, Susan Wolcott, and Plamen Nikolov
Research Interests: Development Economics, Education Economics, Labor Economics, Policy Evaluation, and Applied Microeconomics