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Engineering Design Division

Minor in Sustainability Engineering

For engineering majors only.

Students must be admitted to the minor.

The program director must approve the declaration of this minor.

Students must earn a GPA of 2.0 or better in all required courses

The courses may be used to fulfill Gen-Ed requirements.

Prerequisite Courses

Must be completed before declaring major




Required Courses (not including pre-requisites)

Core sustainability engineering

Required electives

  • 12 credit hours must be selected from at least two departments.
  • At least two of the elective courses must be at the advanced undergraduate level (i.e., 300 or 400).
  • Courses required within a student’s major other than elective courses CANNOT be used as courses satisfying requirements for the minor. 
  • All courses with approval of department and instructor.
  • Courses shown are the currently approved by departments
  • Departments may add or remove courses in the future
  • Students MUST double-check with each corresponding department when selecting courses. Students are responsible for prerequisites.

Application for Sustainability Engineering Minor


Last Updated: 1/13/17