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English, General Literature and Rhetoric

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headshot of Mary Grace Albanese

Mary Grace Albanese

Assistant Professor

English, General Literature and Rhetoric


Mary Grace Albanese's research centers on transnational approaches to the Americas, translation theory, and archival practice. Her book project "The Archival Hand: Performing Historical Memory in the Americas" reshapes American literary genealogies to reveal a dialogue between canonical U.S. authors (including William Wells Brown, Frederick Douglass, Martin Delany, Herman Melville, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Edgar Allan Poe) and little known or newly discovered Haitian texts, as well as Haitian paintings, dances, urban maps, and vodou songs. Through this network, "The Archival Hand" not only argues that the first black republic was an active figure on a global stage but demonstrates how critical approaches to this global stage necessitate new archival methods.

She is also working on two separate projects: one examines the concept of spontaneity in early hemispheric political discourse, and its relationship to the Gothic novel. Another excavates the rhetorical collusion of religiosity and natural disaster in revolutionary writings of the Americas.


  • PhD, Columbia University

Research Interests

  • Literatures of the Americas
  • The Haitian Revolution
  • Archival Theory
  • Translation Studies
  • The Environmental Humanities

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