After FRI

After completing the three-semester First-year Research Immersion (FRI) program, students have a variety of opportunities for further research and/or internship experiences. Many Binghamton undergraduates conduct research under the supervision of faculty or have internships in industry.

With completion of the three semesters of FRI research, our undergraduates are competitive for national fellowships.

Post-FRI opportunities:

Post-FRI student examples:

Upon completion of the FRI program, I was immediately invited to work in a Geomicrobiology laboratory, as only a sophomore. While I did not directly have experience with the instruments and experiments run in this Geomicrobiology lab, the professor had confidence in my ability to work in the lab, conduct relevant research, and properly document my conclusions as I had gone through the FRI course sequence. Subsequently, I remained in this lab for the duration of my time and Binghamton University, completing an honors thesis and NSF GRFP proposal based on the research I conducted. Now, I am confident in my abilities to successfully conduct research and convey my results in an effective manner, to various types of audiences.

FRI Clean Energy Student