German and Russian Studies Department

Russian Studies Unique Among SUNY Schools

A small program in Harpur College, the Russian Studies major at Binghamton University is the sole Russian Studies major in the 64-campus SUNY system. 

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Welcome to Binghamton University's department of German and Russian Studies. Our curricula emphasize the rich traditions of our disciplines while embracing transdisciplinary modes of inquiry in the humanities, social sciences and related fields. We prepare students for the global workforce while nurturing their interests in language, literature and culture. Herzlich Willkommen! | Добро пожаловать!

Our statement on the invasion of Ukraine. 
In our statement, we endorse the ASEEES Board's condemnation of the invasion. That statement can be found here. See also ASEEES’s list of resources to help displaced scholars from Ukraine, and the resources available at the Ukrainian Research Institute.