Meet the Harpur College Dean

A Message from Harpur Dean Elizabeth Chilton

I am honored to join Binghamton University as the Dean of Harpur College of Arts & Sciences. As someone who is a product of public education from kindergarten through my PhD, I am committed to public research universities, where we can value and celebrate both the production of knowledge through research and the dissemination of that knowledge through teaching and mentoring.

Even more exciting to me is the opportunity to lead a large arts & sciences college. Harpur College is at the cultural and historical heart of Binghamton University; starting out as a small liberal arts college in 1946 ("Triple Cities College"), it became part one of the SUNY university centers in 1965 and was renamed "the State University of New York at Binghamton."

From breadth through depth to perspective has been the guiding philosophy of Harpur College since its inception. A high quality liberal arts education is a critical foundation for all professional contexts and prepares our students for the wide variety of careers and professional and personal experiences they will have over the course of their lives. The broad range of research, creative, and scholarly activities of our excellent faculty demonstrate the relevance of the arts and sciences to addressing some of the world's most pressing problems and needs.

The strong graduate programs across many of our 28 academic departments attest to the vibrancy of our research and teaching mission, and our interdisciplinary programs and transdisciplinary research areas provide a testament to the value of the arts and sciences in the 21st century.

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