Privacy, Rights and Responsibilities


All student records are confidential. For students over the age of 18, and for all students seeking care for sexual health reasons, no information can be released to anyone, including parents or legal guardians, without the student signing a release of information. Exceptions include in the case of a legal court order, to comply with public health laws, or in the event of a life- threatening situation.

Students under the age of 18 will always be notified of a parent/guardian request for information about their medical care before such information will be shared.

Release of information

Instructions on how to complete a release of information can be found online.

Consent to treatment and notice of privacy practices

The consent for treatment and notice of privacy practice is available for students once they make their first appointment at the Decker Student Health Services Center. Students can view this document prior to their first appointment.

Patient Rights and Responsiblities

The Decker Student Health Services Center is committed to providing students with health care in a manner that clearly recognizes individual needs and rights. For more information, review our full Patient Rights and Responsibilities policy.