Health Promotion and Prevention Services is located on the third floor of Old O'Conner Hall and can be reached at 607-777-2254.  You can also email us at

HPPS has staff members in the office on a daily basis. Please see directory information and summer schedule below.

Staff Directory

• Kimberly Peabody, Director
   Room 359

• Colleen Baudendistel, Receptionist
   Room 354

• Erin Monroe, College Prevention Coordinator (ATOD)
   Room 357

• Divine Sebuharara, Health Promotion Coordinator
   Room 358

• Gabe Osterhout, Health Communications
   Room 356

• Dara Raboy-Picciano, Interpersonal Violence Prevention (20:1)
   Room 355

Summer Schedule:

Monday - Colleen Baudendistel, Gabe Osterhout and Divine Sebuharara

Tuesday - Colleen Baudendistel, Gabe Osterhout and Kimberly Peabody

Wednesday - Erin Monroe and Kimberly Peabody

Thursday - Erin Monroe and Divine Sebuharara

Friday - Colleen Baudendistel and Kimberly Peabody