Currently, all undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Community and Public Affairs are human development (HDEV) majors. The program consists of 124-credit hours and leads to a bachelor of science degree in human development.

The human development bachelor's program allows students to explore individual, social and structural aspects of human development as a basis of understanding principles that benefit themselves and others by (a) achieving a solid foundation in the theories and research defining the field of human development; (b) engaging in a critical exploration of social, cultural, economic, historical and political frameworks and the ways in which individuals, families and communities are situated within them; (c) developing the understanding and skills needed to enhance and promote diversity, equity and social justice; and (d) fostering a complex understanding of human conditions.

What Human Development students learn

Through our rigorous curriculum and practical field experiences, HDEV students learn to:

  • think critically
  • analyze social issues
  • apply knowledge by linking theory and practice
  • develop an understanding of self and others as situated in history and community
  • develop an understanding for global-local issues and relations of power
  • demonstrate an understanding of the ways in which oppression affects development
  • demonstrate knowledge, sensitivity and skill in working with diverse populations
  • engage in a critical analysis of the concept of human service in the socio-cultural contexts

Where a degree in HDEV can take you

Our graduates are employed in diverse and inclusive settings including social services, schools, child-care organizations, the criminal justice system, healthcare agencies, mental health programs and community-development organizations. Many of our undergraduates continue to graduate school in fields such as social work, higher education administration, school and community counseling, education, criminal justice and law. 

The CCPA Career and Professional Services Office and the Fleishman Career and Professional Development Center can help with career placement.