Immigration Studies Minor

The Department of Human Development also offers an interdisciplinary minor in immigration studies that explores the complex and multiple ways in which citizenship is defined and experienced at global, societal, institutional, community and individual levels. The key focus is on the effect of contemporary conceptualizations of citizenship and their translation into policies and actual everyday practices on the lives of those deemed as immigrants, refugees or the displaced.

The minor applies a social justice and rights-based philosophy to an examination of citizenship, immigration, emigration and immigrant lives in transnational, national and local contexts. A key emphasis of the minor is to explore how discourse on belonging, justice and displacement intersect in a variety of global, national and localized contexts.

Minor requirements

  • A minimum of six courses is required; this includes four core courses and two elective courses:
    • The four core courses will be taken within the Department of Human Development:
      • HDEV 361: Global Migration Flows and Processes
      • HDEV 379: Migration, Citizenship and Human Rights
      • HDEV 465: Researching Immigrant Lives
      • HDEV 475: Practicum in Human Development (this is the capstone course for the minor and must be focused on immigrant populations)
    • The two elective courses will focus on immigration and immigrant-related issues and may be taken outside the Department of Human Development. Courses in the following departments: history, sociology, geography, English, Africana studies, Latin American and Caribbean area studies, and Asian and Asian American studies are applicable for elective courses for the immigration studies minor. The Department of Human Development must approve the courses.
  • Elective course one will focus on immigration/immigrants with a historical emphasis
  • Elective course two will focus on one specific immigrant community, population or context
  • For HDEV students, at least four of six courses for the immigration studies minor must be in addition to courses counted toward fulfillment of the HDEV major
  • For students outside HDEV, at least four of the six courses for the immigration studies minor must be in addition to courses counted toward the fulfillment of your major
  • At least four of the six courses for the minor must be completed at Binghamton University
  • Courses must be completed with a grade of C or better; courses may not be taken on a pass/fail basis