Education Abroad

The Institute for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention at Binghamton University strongly encourages our students to participate in Education Abroad programs as part of their Binghamton experience.

As we come across programs and courses abroad which are related to Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention (GMAP) and may align with the diverse interests of our students, we will post them below.

These Education Abroad programs are not pre-approved for credit toward the I-GMAP academic programs.

Please make an appointment with one of the co-directors in order to deteremine which courses may count toward the undergraduate minor.

Starting in the 2020-2021 academic year, undergraduate students may count 1-6 credits of an education abroad program toward the GMAP minor.

Binghamton University Programs

Serbia/Bosnia/Kosovo: Peace and Conflict Studies in the Balkans (SIT)

Semester program based in Belgrade.

"The interdisciplinary coursework focuses on post-conflict and post-socialist transformation in the Balkans since the 1990s. Students examine changes in areas such as politics, civil society, identity, and social memory studies through participation in a variety of research and cultural activities, classroom discussions, and interactions with academics, activists, and host families. Students also take a language course in Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian. During the final month of the semester, students leverage their field study experience and research skills to complete an Independent Study Project, Independent Study Project or internship."

Consult the Office of International Education and Global Initiatives for additional information.

Czech Republic: CEA Prague

Binghamton University offers a few options to study at CEA Prague with coursework that may count toward the GMAP minor.

Explore the options at the Office of International Education and Global Initiatives.

Switzerland: International Studies and Multilateral Diplomacy (SIT)

Summer program based in Geneva.

"The program is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of multilateral diplomacy in contemporary international relations. Students have the opportunity to do an independent project focused on a specific research question of their choice. The program also includes a French language component."

Consult the Office of International Education and Global Initiatives for additional information.

Non-Binghamton University Programs

American University of Paris

Genocide and Memory Studies

"Sponsored in part with generous help from The George and Irina Schaeffer Center for the Study of Genocide, Human Rights, and Conflict Prevention this unique summer institute offers students the opportunity to examine genocide, memorialization and collective memory making through different interdisciplinary lenses."

Visit their website for additional information.

Global Youth Connect

International Justice Delegation

"The “International Justice Delegation” brings together young people from around the world for a unique and intensive 12-day program exploring international justice, human rights, peace, and international law. Rather than study these subjects only through textbooks, participants experience real-life cases of international justice coming to life in The Hague, Netherlands, also known as the international capital of peace and justice."

Visit their website for additional information.