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It is the mission of I-GMAP to work across academic disciplines, to construct bridges between academic researchers and educators and prevention practitioners, and to enhance individual and institutional understanding, commitment, and capacity to prevent genocide and mass atrocity.


Our long-term success depends on our ability to secure grant funds and to generate additional support from individuals and organizations dedicated to the work of genocide and mass atrocity prevention so that the Institute’s activities are sustainable.

Over the past four years, we have expanded our programming across our University and established partnerships with dozens of key atrocity prevention community actors based in the United States and around the world. However, we are at the next stage of our development to truly expand our reach across the globe. To meet this mission, we are actively looking to enhance global access to and impact of several of our programs.

If the work of I-GMAP is important to you, we welcome your support. There are many ways in which you can help us expand our reach and impact. Your charitable gift directly supports the work of I-GMAP, including the following areas of pressing need:

  • Graduate Student Tuition Scholarships to support students in the world's first Master of Science in Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention degree program. Support will ensure a diverse student body and make the master’s degree possible for individuals with financial need, including those from the global South. Scholarships can be awarded based on geographic, disciplinary background or other criteria.
  • Global South Scholarships to support participation by prevention practitioners and scholars from the global South. Scholarships can be targeted to specific countries.
  • Online Program Development to allow students, government officials, and civil society participants from around the world to access our online programs and atrocity prevention curriculum, which will include the world’s first professional master’s degree in genocide and mass atrocity prevention.
  • Global Faculty Fellowships in Atrocity Prevention to further develop a growing cadre of faculty from a full range of disciplines, universities and countries who are prepared to incorporate atrocity prevention in their teaching. Capacity building for faculty will be through a blend of synchronous online instruction and asynchronous self-paced modules.
  • Innovative Pedagogy Grants so that the faculty who successfully complete our Faculty Development program can put their ideas into action and implement creative pedagogies in their classes.
  • Mechanisms for Atrocity Prevention Initiative which includes a research-based policy paper series involving students, faculty and staff from around the University in conjunction with local in-country partners around the world. Current projects include memory work and atrocity prevention, and building capacity for the protection of indigenous rights in the face of ongoing attacks in Latin America.
  • Field Placement Scholarships for GMAP master's degree students, who will work alongside prevention practitioners in civil society, government or the private sector. Scholarship support can be targeted to certain types of students, field placements in specific countries or regions, or particular types of prevention agencies.

For further information about any of the initiatives mentioned above or if you would like to discuss areas of possible collaboration, please contact I-GMAP Co-Directors Max Pensky ( or Nadia Rubaii (

For further information about establishing an endowment, gifts of stock or options for planned giving, please contact Vice President for Advancement John Koch (

Thank You to All I-GMAP Supporters

We wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all those who have supported the work of I-GMAP since our founding. This information was provided by the Binghamton University Foundation in August 2020.  

Mr. Avi J. Abel '98

Bloom Family LLC

Dr. Steven H. Bloom '78, LHD '10

Mrs. Susan R. Bloom '80

Dr. Lorrie Ann Clemo, MA '87, PhD '88

Fidelity Charitable

Mrs. Doris Freedman '90

Mr. Jonathan P. Freedman

Mrs. Barbara Moran Heiles '80

Mr. Jonathan L. Heiles '82

Dr. Ellyn Uram Kaschak '65

Mr. William B. Landis IV '13

Mrs. Jessica Helene Morgenthal

Mr. Lawrence R. Morgenthal '88

Mr. Elliott Ober '71

Ms. Marsha Ober '73

Dr. Owen C. Pell '80, LLD '11

Dr. Marc I. Rozansky '81

Mrs. Sherri Rozansky

Mr. Charles E. Scheidt

Charles E. Scheidt Family Foundation

Schwab Charitable

Ms. Doryce Seltzer '74

Dr. Terry F. Seltzer '73

Mrs. Caryn Unger

Dr. Howard D. Unger '82, LHD '19