GMAP 395: Internship in Atrocity Prevention

Course Overview:

I-GMAP offers GMAP 395 as a wrap-around online course for your summer internship. You can register for 1-6 credits depending on length of your summer internship. These credits may count toward the GMAP minor. 

You will spend roughly 75% of your time working in the internship and 25% of related academic work. 

Type of course

Semester # of credits
Online Summer session

1-6 (variable based on internship hours) 

Estimated Credit Allocation

Credits Internship hours
2 Minimum 4 weeks, 100 hours
4 Minimum 6 weeks, 200 hours
6 Minimum 8 weeks, 300 hours

Course Description:

Students gain practical "hands-on" experience at a preapproved organization where they develop atrocity prevention skills and learn about the application of the GMAP coursework in the professional workplace. The seminar is the academic component of the internship where students will address relevant professional and career development issues pertaining to the nature of their experience through journaling, assignments, research papers and class presentations and peer feedback.

Course Objectives:

The Internship seminar is intended to provide a safe and intellectually stimulating space in which student interns can discuss their experiences, reflect on the application of GMAP coursework to the internship, and deepen their own sense of personal and professional values and ethics.


Kerry Whigham

Assistant Professor, Public Admin, Institute for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention, Co-Director IGMAP; Assistant Professor of Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention

CCPA Public Administration; Institute of Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention (I-GMAP)